08011 the Bletchley celebrity

Every loco tells a story, 08011/D3018/13018

This fine machine was delivered new from Derby Works to Willesden depot (1A) in 1953. After a short spell at Cricklewood the loco was transferred to 1E-Bletchley TMD in July 1971. For nearly 20 years the loco remained Bletchley based although spending much time hidden away in Wolverton Works, where it quietly acquired the name “Haversham”, a Wolverton tradition of naming their shunters after

local villages their vast workforce travelled in from. Repainting in green livery plus by 1985 the loco even got a mention in the likes of “ned news” as being the oldest working loco in BR service by then. The loco became popular at local open days and was an Aylesbury (and Bedford) rail day regular from 1985-92.  By 1991 there was little work for a vacuum only shunter at Bletchley and the loco stayed on at Aylesbury after official withdrawl in December 91.

Preservation followed and she was soon at work on the Chinnor line in 1994 and has remained a popular local machine there ever since.

Sample 08011 phots…

Aylesbury OD 080685 thanks to Trev Rolfe

 08011 between giving cab rides at the 1985 Aylesbury Rail Day

Bletchley TMD, 020386 thanks to Mark Beal. Days gone by when BY hosted three gronks on shed. 08011 + 08909 + 08684 @ the TMD on 2 March 1986.

Bletchley, 110586 . Viewed from the station footbridge, 08011 is parked up on a quiet 110586

Bletchley TMD, 200986 thanks to Mark Beal, 08011 at BY TMD on the electrification train on 20 Sep 1986.

Aylesbury Open Day, 200687.  08011 has an “Ethel” for company under the long lost footbridge at Aylesbury, trees no longer form a backdrop to this viewpoint

Bedford Open Day/River Festival 280588 thanks to Mark Beal. “You’re a big un !” 08011 shares time with 55015 TULYAR @ Bedford River Festival on 28 May 1988.

Chinnor, 070811 thanks to “MIB”.  08011 is the centre of attention at a Chinnor gala, she was recently repainted back in green from a rather vile black livery.

Impressive 60th birthday 08011 celebrations on the Chinnor line are seen in Andrew Chambers 05 Oct 13 view of Haversham with Wolverton works 08629 tailing a busy Chinnor – Thame Jn working past Bledlow cricket ground.

08011 brings in the stock for the days workings at Chinnor station on 030514. Trains were top and tail due engineering works at Thame Jn with 8568 at the noisy end. 08011 was called on in true “Bletchley’s finest” tradition to bank the Clayton in bursts on a few runs!


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