The Leighton Lists.

The Leighton Lists are frequently updated blocks of gen featuring everything from loco failures, to London Terminal workings (loco by loco) to Station power lists and much more. plenty phots too

Welcome to the “Leighton Lists” the replacement of sorts for the Leighton Logs that ran from 2004- March 2021.

Copying over 17 years of phots, gen and articles is now underway and we now have featured several years up and running for your enjoyment, more years will follow

Latest Updates, June 3rd 2023

Jim Burton’s 1966 moves – more classic gen from Jim

Leighton Cromptons 1972-2023 detailed gen and phots of 33s thru Leighton

Latest Updates, May 27th 2023

The epic Valley Explorertour from May 86

Latest class 319 diagrams for LNWR

Latest Updates, May 20th 2023

The Eden Serpent Tour, Nov 86 phots and gen

Mk III sleeper, 10598 out West

Virgin power list for Oct 24th 2002, much gen and a few phots

Latest Updates, May 13th 2023

The Blackpool Boomerang tour from June 85 remembered

Jim Burton’s 1959 gen, our oldest gen to date

Leighton Deltics 1955-2023, new photo from 120523 added

Latest Update, May 6th 2023

The class 321 farewell tour, April 2023 phots and gen

My Jan – June 1990 moves, gen and a few phots too

Driver Phils work moves Dec 78-Dec79, classic and rare local gen, ta to “TC”

Latest Updates, April 29th 2023

Leighton “Deltics” 1955-2023 phots and gen

Last “rat” leap to Welshpool, Sep 84 phots and gen

Latest Updates, April 22nd 2023

The Swindon and Cricklade gala, April 2023

Wimbledon Open Day, May 91

85032 a roarer once called “Patch!”

Latest Updates, April 15th 2023

The Last Chance Railtour from April 2023, gen, report and phots

Tony Ewer’s July – Dec 1985 moves with phots too

Extra bits and phots added to several of our featured Freight train flows remembered

Latest Updates, April 8th 2023

The East Anglian tour, Oct 85

85023 on the Saturday Cobblers, June 87

Southampton log May 82 much freight and phots

Latest Updates, April 1st 2023

The Slug and Slog tour from June 98,plus on the day service train moves and phots

Jim Burton’s 1962 moves – serious archive gen from Jim

Tony Ewer’s Jan – Jun 1985 moves with a few phots too

Latest Updates, March 25th 2023

85003 remembered, a memorable day behind her , more gen and phots

Up Scotland March 2023, moves and phots incl a classic 1972 Inverness scene

the South Wales Explorer Tour, March 2023 gen and phots

Latest Updates, March 11th 2023

The last one falls, class 33’0

86257 goes pop, May 86

TC in Holland, March 1998

Latest Updates, March 4th 2023

The Don & Fiddler Railtour from Oct 84 – 40012 and 81013 star…

The Buxton Bullet tour from Dec 84 – 40044, 25’s and rare track

Ledburn tree cutting, classic views lost 20 years ago return

Latest Updates, Feb 25th 2023

The Midland Macedoine tour from Sep 84, grid out of Pancras!

Up London Aug 8th 1987, gen and 14 phots!

Latest Updates, Feb 18th 2023

The Carlisle footex, March 73 – memories, phots and gen

Scottish Freedom, July 86 just the 15 consecutive overnights, gen and many phots

Latest Updates, Feb 11th 2023

Up Scotland, Feb 2023 phots and gen

The lines we did, Perth – Inverness more gen and phots 1958-2023

The Chiltern Champion Tour, May 2014

Latest Updates, Feb 4th 2023

Bedford Open Day, May 88

The superb Coal Scuttler Railtour, May 91

Strike day power variety , Feb 2023

Latest Updates, Jan 28th 2023

Kenny Belle Cromptons, 1968-89

Driver Phil’s 1977 moves

Worksop Coalman Railtour from Sep 93 remembered

Latest Updates, Jan 21st 2023

The class 56 farewell tour, Jan 2023, gen and many phots

Loco hauled to Dorridge with 45066 in Feb 87, phots and gen

Latest Updates, Jan 14th 2023

Cromptons through the great Storm of Oct 87, a “TC” epic!

First loco of the year from Jim Burton, 1959-2022

Class 319 diagrams from Dec 2022, plus a rare Jan 2nd working

Latest Updates, Jan 7th 2023

My 1987 moves with gen and a rare phot too

First loco of the year for haulage, 1971-2023 with many phots

Latest Updates, Dec 31st 2022 now listing over 500 pages of gen, phots and memories

40106 at the Valley, December 30th 2022, gen and phots incl archive phot

Class 40 on the Marches, probably more class 1 40 turns than you thought

Jim Burton’s epic ECML logs from August 1962-serious nostalgia!

Latest Updates, Dec 24th 2022Merry Christmas to all our readers

The Christmas Cracker Railtour from December 83 remembered

The Welsh Whistler Railtour from Feb 2026 remembered

Belgian beast 1303 feature

The Christmas “rat” Dec 69 Christmas tale

Latest Updates, Dec 17th 2022

And then came the snow, local current and archive snow scenes

Birmingham New St Peaks, have they all worked, phots and much gen

Latest Updates, Dec 10th 2022

First ever HST to stop at Leighton?, Dec 8th phots and gen

The Practical Joker farce tour, April 2000

Jim Burton’s 2008 Belgian moves

Latest Updates, Dec 3rd 2022

Introducing the “Roarer lists” – articles, phots, gen on the much missed class 81- 85 “Roarers”.

The “Rylstone Rambler” Railtour from March 85 remembered

Latest Updates, Nov 26th 2022

Chasing “Roarers” August 1990, 2 epic days phots, memories and gen

Class 46’s on the Marches, 1976-81

TC’s Holland moves and phots, Mar/Apr 1995

Latest Updates, Nov 19th 2022

Class 319’s RA Euston – Berko, nov 2022 speed log

Jim Burton’s classic 1969 moves and gen

Claytons on class one in Scotland, tasty gen and phots

Latest Updates, Nov 12th 2022

Shackerstone mini gala featuring 20110 and 33053

The North Midlander tour from Feb 85 remembered

Latest Updates, Nov 5th 2022

Marches “rats” now up to 149, thanks to Sean Brazel via Steve Kemp

Tony Ewers Sat Sep 11th 1982 “Mid Moves” classic moves and phots

Ipswich loco stabling sidings 1982-2022 Part One phots and gen

Latest Updates, Oct 29th 2022

The Tees Tyne Boggard Railtour from October 84 remembered

A busy morning at Swanbourne, Nov 86 loads of phots

2006 Belgian gen from Jim Burton

Latest Updates, Oct 22nd 2022

Easter Monday table 66/51 moves, gen, memories loads of phots, Apr 82

A big fish to Edge Hill, Jan 86

Latest Updates, Oct 15th 2022

20’s, rats and roarers, the Crewe-Derby vice turns with phots Aug 89

A Dutch day trip Feb 94, Memories, phots and gen from “TC”

Trawsfyndd Lament tour, Oct 98 a farce!

East Coast gen from Aug 61, classic nostalgia from Jim Burton

Latest Updates, Oct 1st 2022

Class 33 my first runs 1977-1994, phots and gen

The Deltic delight Railtour, Sep 2022 – phots and gen

next update Oct 14th 2022…

Latest Updates , Sep 24th 2022

Jim Burton’s Belgian gen 2004/5

WCML loco haulage returns, 86’s and 90’s to Euston, Sep 2022

Latest Updates, Sep 17th 2022

Driver Phil’s 1976 moves – classic gen

A date with “Iris”, Sep 10th 2022

Latest Updates, Sep 10th 2022

Dunstable “rats”, gen, phots and more 1967-87

Vintage East Coast gen, August 1961

87002 returns, Aug/Sep 2022

Latest Updates, Aug 27th 2022

The Barchester Chronicle tour from May 94 remembered

37227 running day, Aug 20th 2022 phots and gen

Latest Updates, Aug 20th 2022

Class 86 in Scotland, phots and gen of all 100 cans working North of the border

Spa Valley diesel Gala Aug 2022, a thumping good day!

Latest Updates , Aug 13th 2022

The Devonshire Dart Railtour, Aug 84 incl 11 phots!

Out West Aug 2022, many phots

37250 the ghost of Glen Douglas and more!

Latest Updates, Aug 6th 2022

Glos – Warks deisel gala, July 2022 phots and gen

Newport freight, chasing Westerns and a hippy chick!, Feb 77

Latest Updates, July 30th 2022

8 new photos from 1977-2022 added to our photo section

Class 92’s in Scotland added to our Scottish Lists

Latest Update , July 23rd 2022

Driver Phil, a tribute

Class 25 first runs – a feast of class 25 gen, memories and phots

Latest Updates, July 16th 2022

The memorable multi loco “Spinnin Haggis” tour from July 99, Gen, memories and phots

An afternoon at Castlethorpe, 5 photos from Tony Ewer Nov 90

Latest Updates, July 9th 2022

1A76 remembered, the famous load 5 1730 Birmingham – Euston 1983-85

The Dungeness Pebbledasher tour from July 97, inagural class 92 working.

Latest Updates, July 2nd 2022

37278 out of Rugby! Sunday July 1st 1984

The Shapeshifter tour, Sep 98 – phots,memories and gen

The darkside of the moon EM2 tour, Sep 96

Latest Updates, June 26th 2022now over 430 pages!

The Sandhill Explorer Railtour, June 2022

Leighton class 60 variety , 1991-2022

New Timetable moves, May 86

Belgium, last days of the class 23’s, Jan 2012

Latest Updates June 18th 2022

Up Scotland, June 2022, gen and loads of phots!

81011 a flying fish, outrageus speed log!

The Quantock Crompton tour, Aug 96, memories and phots

Jim Burton’s 2012 Belgian gen

Latest Updates June 4th 2022

1015 and 1062 running day at the Valley, Sat May 28th 2022 , with 8 phots

E5001 main line tour, Sep 92 Memories, gen and phots

The Grain Train, Sep 92 gen and phots

Latest Updates May 29th 2022

Area C memories, moves and plenty phots from May 87

Class 90’s in Scotland, gen and loads of phots

Latest Update May 21st 2022

Belgian Bits 2000/2001 phots and moves from TC and JB

Southern class 377s no more locally, gen, history and loads of phots

LNW class 319’s, 12 car no more, amended diagrams

Latest Update May 14th 2022

The “Rat requim tour” from March 91 remembered, phots, gen and memories

September 4th 1982, Summer Saturday moves, phots and gen

Latest Update May 7th 2022

Class 81 – 85 “Roarers” in Scotland, gen and phots

Jim Burton’s 1984 moves, much “nb” in Scotland

Latest Update April 30th 2022

The Lochalsh Highlander tour from April 2014, gen, memories , pre tour moves and plenty phots

Can we cab it Mister?, cabbing memories from happier times, phots, logs and cabbing memories

Latest Update April 24th 2022

Llangollen class 26 running day, April 23rd 2022, Gen and 7 phots

Jim Burton’s classic 1968 moves gen

Latest Update April 17th 2022 – now over 400 pages!

Class 26 in Scotland – detailed gen and phots

Bletchley traffic – January 1982 detailed gen and phots

Rare LBNGR diesel action April 16th 2022, plus archive photos

Latest Update April 9th 2022

The “roarer requim” tour and class 85 last workings, June 91

A top local liner feature, 4L89 “Up Scotch” – many phots

Latest Update April 2nd 2022

Intoducing the “Scottish lists” a comprehensive record of loco workings with phots from Scotland

Jim Burton’s 1983 moves – tasty gen

Mike Lewis gets them 90s in!

Latest Update March 26th 2022

Up Scotland, March 2022, gen, moves and phots

The Maybach Meanderer Railtour from Dec 2013, gen and phots

The Concrete Cow local tour from Jan 2012, gen and phots

Latest Update March 23rd 2022

11 phots from all 3 days at the superb Strathspey deisel gala from March 2022

Latest Update March 12th 2022

Class 20s in Scotland, listing all known passenger workings North of the border with plenty phots too

The Rhins and Machars Railtour, Cromptons at Stranraer, a decent tour from May 2002, with phots too

Out East March 2022, a normal trip but a few phots including archive 1983 view of 47135

Latest Update March 5th 2022

5 new photos added to Photo section, 3 classics from 1985, 2 more recent

1978 Trip Reports 5 trips added, gen and phots from better times!

Class 90’s TC joins the 50 club by getting them all in, gen, memories and phots

Latest Updates Feb 27th 2022

Up Scotland, Feb 2022, 10 phots including a Kyle class 26 archive view

The Metro Gnome and Sector Swansong tours from 1994, gen, memories and tour phots

Jim Burton’s classic July – Dec 1979 gen

Latest Updates Feb 19th 2022

2C88 0754 Harpenden – Moorgate remembered – classic late 60s gen with phots

Jim Burton’s classic Jan – June 1979 gen

Bedford Phil’s Jan – June 1985 gen

Latest Updates Feb 12th 2022

Class 90’s gettin em in. Early moves and 5 phots

Class 44, 45 and 46 “Peaks” in Scotland. Most of class listed, 2 phots too

The “Coalville Cobbler” from June 89 remembered, 33058’s epic run back. Phots and gen

Latest Update Feb 6th 2022

4 Trip Reports from 1981 added, On the Coast, Napier music, week Scottish, Toton freight

6 new photos old and new added to Photos

Latest Update Jan 30th 2022

The last “Cobbler”, May 11th 1990, 86401’s big day!

Latest Update Jan 27th 2022

The Electric Scot tour from Jan 26th 2022, full report and phots from the day

Latest Updates Jan 22nd 2022

Class 87 status March 2005, last workings, storage locations, 10 phots, loads of class 87 nostalgia

The first of a major research project, class 40 passenger workings in Scotland, all 200 of them, with phots too

Latest Updates Jan 15th 2022

The Inter City deisel day from May 89 remembered. Gen, memories and 10 phots

8 hours at Blea Moor, many charters, gen and 10 phots from Dave Spencer

Latest Updates Jan 9th 2022

40106 at the Valley, Jan 3rd 2022

Bedford Phil’s July – Dec 84 moves and gen

Covid local 319 diagrams from Jan 4th 2022

Latest Updates Jan 1st 2022

87’s scream down the Trent, Dec 2004 gen, moves and many phots

Jim Burton’s Jan – June 1978 classic moves gen

Photos – 5 local class 37 heavyweight photos, old and new

Latest Updates Xmas Eve

The Christmas Cracker tour from Dec 83 remembered, they simply dont do tours like this anymore

Stalled in Tring Cutting, a local Christmas tale…

Latest Updates Dec 19th

Photos – 5 new classic 70/80s phots from Steve Chapman added

Leicester depot variety down the years

New Class 319 diagrams from December 13th 2021

Latest Updates Dec 12th

The Pennine Forty farewell tour from March 88, 6 phots, gen and memories

The Tubular Belle 40122 tour from April 88, 3 phots, gen and memories of a classic tour

Roarers and Cromptons, May 88 10 photes, moves and memories

Latest Updates Dec 5th

More Bedford Bricker phots from Oct 83 featuring 25078, 25245, 37176 and 37186 locally

Jim Burton’s classic 1977 moves – nostalgia

Photos – 6 new images added from 1983 to 2021 featuring class 31, 60, 86, 319 and 455

Latest Updates Nov 28th

Liverpool St class 37 variety – 206 different logged 37s plus phots and gen

The Blackpool Illuminations tour, Nov 27 2021- phots and gen

Latest Updates Nov 20th

Photos – 10 new photos added ,covering 1984 -2021 with class 33, 47, 57, 66, 73, 85, 92 and 319 featuring, plus LBNGR

Leaping at Tyndrum, leaps down the years at this lonely West Highland shack , tales, phots and more

May 26th 1984, 8 different bashers Saturday moves with gen, tales and phots

Latest Update Nov 13th

Bedford Phils moves Jan – June 84

1S81 the 2050 Carlisle – Perth remembered gen,tales and phots from 1966-85.A top train

Latest Update Nov 5th

Jim Burton’s classic moves gen featuring 1976

NSE Network Day from Nov 86 – phots and gen

Bletchley’s class 11 shunters – histories, gen, phots of 12049 and more!

Latest Update Oct 29th

A tribute to Jed, thanks to Dave Spencer

Latest Updates Oct 23rd includes

Up Scotland, October 2021, Moves plus 11 phots incl 1986 archive view

Jim Burton’s classic 1973 moves and memories

Latest Updates Oct 17th includes

The Laverstock looper from Oct 86 remembered

Jan – June 1986 moves and gen added

Latest Updates Oct 9th include

All line Rover, Aug 87 – gen, memories and 10 phots

Bedford Phil’s Jan – May 83 moves gen and a phot

Newark/Grantham log from July 61 – thanks to Jim Burton

Latest Update Oct 2nd includes

Newcastle area freight, 1977-2021 , 9 phots

Jim Burton’s classic 1974 moves gen

Jim Burton’s classic 1975 moves gen

Latest Update Sep 19th includes

3 epic tours from 1993, the Mothball, Alresford Clipper and the class 26 farewell

Latest Updates Sep 12th include

Up Glasgow Jan 85, a bash with a twist, ta to Dave Spencer

12 car 319 turns return from September 6th, gen and diagrams

Latest Updates Sep 5th include

Bedford Phils July – Dec 82 moves, classic gen

Spa Valley Crompton Day, September 4th 2021, our 300th page!!!!!

Latest Updates Aug 28th includes

Bletchley 321’s out East – gen and phots

Jim Burton’s 1981 moves – classic gen

The EPB farewell tour from April 95 -phots and gen

Latest Update Aug 21st includes

Scottish depot bash, May 80. Deltic haulage to Scottish depots with phots and logs

Latest Update Aug 15th includes

5 new photos added 1985-2021

More phots on September 22nd 1991 local drag – thanks to Mark Beal

Jim Burton’s May – Dec 1980 gen,

Jim Burton’s 1982 moves gen

Bedford Phils Jan – June 1982 moves gen

Latest Update Aug 10th includes

The London Bridge commuters remembered

Latest Updates Aug 7th includes

Spa Valley diesel gala Aug 6th 2021, 6 phots

Early turn at Ledburn, July 29th 2021 6 phots

Epic Sep 1979 moves from Crossfell 5

Tony Ewer’s Spring/Summer 1987 moves with 16 phots too

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