The Leighton Lists.

The Leighton Lists are frequently updated blocks of gen featuring everything from loco failures, to London Terminal workings (loco by loco) to Station power lists and much more. plenty phots too

Welcome to the “Leighton Lists” the replacement of sorts for the Leighton Logs that ran from 2004- March 2021.

Copying over 17 years of phots, gen and articles is now underway and we now have featured years 1976, 1977 and 1985 up and running for your enjoyment, more years will follow

Latest Updates April 10th 2021 include..

Swansea East Dock added to Stabling Point / depots listing

Dunstable branch feature added to Branchlines

1990 Moves and gen added

Class 40s on the coast feature added too

5 new photos added

Current coverage will continue too as is copying over huge amounts of material from the old to this new site

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