The Leighton Lists.

The Leighton Lists are frequently updated blocks of gen featuring everything from loco failures, to London Terminal workings (loco by loco) to Station power lists and much more. plenty phots too

Welcome to the “Leighton Lists” the replacement of sorts for the Leighton Logs that ran from 2004- March 2021.

Copying over 17 years of phots, gen and articles is now underway and we now have featured several years up and running for your enjoyment, more years will follow

Latest Updates July 10th 2021 include

Photograph main page – 6 new phots added

The Highland main line, detailed gen, phots and memories

Up Scotland July 2021= phots and gen

Southern 313 bash – phots and gen

The Clacton and Walton branches – 4 new phots from Mark Beal added

Latest Updates June 25th include

8 new photos 1982-2021 added

The Clacton and Walton branches

Trip Reports for 1960-8 and 1982 added (loads of articles!)

Moves and gen added for 1978 , 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 and 2004 added

Latest Updates June 12th include

The “Bedford Bricker” Tour from Oct 83 remembered

25035’s enjoyable running day at the GCR, June 11th 2021

Latest Updates June 5th include

The 1025 Euston – Crewe remembered

Feanor” the LBNGR’s finest feature

Photos – 7 more added old and new

Latest Updates May 29th include

Photos – 7 more added, old and new

Angus loco hauled, Sep 90

The last one falls – Part One spotting tales

The last Cobbler, May 11th 1990

Local Bits header page added – 20 local features

Latest Updates May 22nd include

12 trip reports from 1984 added

Stewartby brick traffic 1966-85

Latest Updates May 15th include

Stratford depot log from Jan 71 with phots

Network North West day from 1992 – Phots, gen and memories

LNW class 319 gen, diagrams and phots

Latest Updates May 8th 2021 include

8 new epic phots added to photo section

New Local Freight featuring 7 local freight flows added, many phots, much nostalgia

Bletchley Loco sidings remembered

1B09 Cobbler remembered

Leighton Log from June 1973

Current coverage will continue too as is copying over huge amounts of material from the old to this new site

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