86257 goes pop, May 86

86257 goes “pop”, Saturday May 17th 1986

A local day out to rake in the first ever Saturday “Cobbler” service. Turned out to be a bit more riotous than expected with a loco failure, 3 “roarers”and other long lost power raked in on your doorstep. Happy days on the WCML!

86257 having failed and getting a push from 85019, 31116 and 31317 about to assist forward from Leighton Buzzard as ECS

The moves and gen from Saturday May 17th 1986                                                           

049      0655 Euston-Birmingham                                                       L.Buzzard-M.Keynes

86257  0740 Northampton-Euston (inag Sat cobb) 1A30                  M.Keynes-Milepost 44 (fail)

I was the sole desperado covering this train and was not surprised with a can up front. Did it for the history value. 86257 emitted a large crack on leaving Bletchley, and much to my amusement coasted to a halt at Stoke Hammond

85019  15 vans-rear end assist                                                         Milepost 44 – L.Buzzard

1A30’s guard was keen to get moving, running along the wall of the cutting here. 85019’s driver was less keen. Assisting a dead can, 11 Mk 1’s plus 15 vans is a mighty load albeit on a gentle rising gradient. 85019 had no problem with load 26 tho!  

31116}            ECS forward


86101  0726 Wolverhampton-Euston (spec stop)

Joined by 200 passengers off the failure, despite the rescue locos being ahead of 86101

081      0812 Euston-M.Keynes                                                          L.Buzzard-M.Keynes

81011  0935 Northampton-Euston 1A55                                           M.Keynes-Euston

A proper electric on a Saturday Cobbler!

85030  0930 Euston-Northampton

85035?  0935 Euston-Aberystwyth

85025  1025 Euston-Crewe

86258  1123 Euston-Northampton                                                     Euston-L.Buzzard

81008  1L00-u charter

85013  0735 Aberystwyth-Euston

81011  1155 Euston-Manchester

Euston short of cans?

85030  1131 Northampton-Euston                                                     L.Buzzard-Euston

86260  1520 Euston-Northampton

313003 1517 Euston-Watford Jn                                                       Euston – Watford Jn

Classic fill in to kill a hour or so

092      1601 Watford Jn-Euston                                                        Watford Jn-Euston

85013  1640 Euston-Wolverhampton

81008  1645 Euston-Blackpool

85030  1710 Euston-Northampton                                                     Euston-M.Keynes

Euston still short of cans!

86260  1745 Northampton-Euston                                                     M.Keynes-L.Buzzard      

Phot spot from the day

 85019 is about to be detached from the 11 mk 1’s of the failure at Leighton station. The rear coaches are well off the platform as normal in these times, nobody worried about HSE madness back then

 Bletchley quickly kicked out 31116 and 31317 to assist but control decreed the failure should go forward emcars. In this Leighton view,  86257’s pan is still up despite having expired

The second ever Saturday Cobbler got a proper electric in 81011 seen at the blocks with the 0935 Northampton – Euston

 Having worked in on the Abbo-Euston, oil streaked 85013, also 85030 awaits her next turn on Euston A sidings


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