The Scottish lists…

Over the years Scotland has seen a huge variety of loco classes work passenger trains day and night, Winter and Summer. Most of us will have done a week’s “Freedom” or six sampling that magic. Furthermore this continues in a limited fashion with sleeper power variety.

With the help of “Leighton Lists” contributors but particulary messrs Dave Spencer, “TC”, Mike Lewis and Jim Burton this is an attempt to record for posterity both the classes and individual locos that have worked a passenger train North of the border.

Photos are included to bring the text to life a bit more. There are still many classes to complete and many gaps which we would welcome contributions! Enjoy the memories!!

37012 and 20045 power the 0600 Glasgow – Mallaig out of Tyndrum Upper on August 29th 1983. A classic Scottish scene from the late Tony Ewer

Class 17 “Claytons” – a fair few listed

Class 20’s in Scotland – an awful lot listed!

Class 21/29’s in Scotland – as yet incomplete

Class 24’s in Scotland – many gaps!

Class 25’s in Scotland, plenty “rats”, plenty phots too

Class 26’s in Scotland, plenty phots from 1972-1993 too

Class 27’s in Scotland – with the one that never made it too!

Class 37’s in Scotland – a good few listed too

Class 40’s in Scotland – yes, theyve all worked!

Class 44, 45, 46 “Peaks” in Scotland – a good few listed

Class 47’s in Scotland – a few annoying gaps

Class 81 – 85’s in Scotland – a few gaps too

Class 86 in Scotland , yes they have all worked

Class 90’s in Scotland, yes they have all worked…

Class 92’s in Scotland, not many at all really

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