North Midlander Tour, Feb 85

The North Midlander Railtour, Feb 85

23/2/85 Sat  Gen and moves

86314              2A23 0350 Euston-Bletchley (flagged!)

 090                 0525 Bletchley-Euston                                   LB-EN

25034}            1Z26 0730 St.Pancras-Stafford Railtour        SP-ST(Via Ox)


45048              1Z26 1248 Stafford-St.Pancras Railtour        ST-NO           

25044}           1Z26 1656  Nottingham-St.Pancras Railtour  NO-SP (Via Ox)


85011              1S39 0734 Poole-Glasgow                            

45139              1E63 0940 Poole-Newcastle

47538              112 1640 Nottingham-Barrow

 85005             1K06 1703 Euston-Crewe

 056                 2330 Euston-Bletchley                                   EU-LB

1Z26 Tour Itinerary

St Pancras – Cricklewood E – Acton Wells – Didcot – Oxford – Claydon – Bletchley Flyover – Weedon – Nuneaton – Stafford – Lichfield E Curve – Castle Donnington- Derby – Nottingham

Nottingham – Leicester – Wigston N – Nuneaton flyover – Water Orton – Walsall – Bescot – Aston – Coventry – Oxford – Didcot – Acton Wells – Cricklewood E – St Pancras

Tour Ching £15-95

North Midlander Tour review

25034 and 25044 wait departure time with the tour from St Pancras

I met up with messrs Ewer and Smith on the concourse at St Pancras around 7am. Our spirits were high, we had 800 miles plus of “rat” mileage to enjoy on an interesting route that included Bletchley Flyover. Plus would the 20s be winners for the Stafford – Nottingham leg?

The “rats” (25034 and 25044) were both steaming well, something they continued to do all day on a cold, grey February Saturday. “Rats” on the Western were always special so we enjoyed a good run from Acton to Oxford for the booked stagger along the pleasant but slow Oxford – Bletchley line.

Bletchley flyover got a good bellow and then we stormed North via Weedon and the Trent Valley. The tour atmosphere was subdued despite the power and route and perhaps was typical of RESL tours with a large spotting and London based element. The forwarding power from Stafford didn’t help the atmosphere either, no exotic 20’s, just a common boilered “wagon” 45048.

In slightly less dull weather 25034 and 25044 are seen at Stafford

Former Scottish “rat” 25231 at Stafford with a van train

45048 did take us via the Lichfield curve towards Winchnor Jn but most aboard were not impressed.

45048 at Derby with the tour which the Peak had worked from Stafford

25044 and 25034 followed from us to Derby

47364 at Derby on a down oils

Former Knottingley monster 47373 yes, at Derby

25044 and 25034 middle road at Nottingham prior to returning South with the tour

We left Nottingham in the dark at 1656 on a route that included Nuneaton flyover and Bescot with the “rats” still thrashing nicely and steaming well. Unfortunately any hope of a fast Western run were thwarted by us being pathed behind an Oxford – Padd all shacks DMU, so we lost time ending up 80 late back into St Pancras.

We went our seperate ways from here, content but not buzzing after the tour, i just made 310056 on the 2330 Euston – Bletchley for the usual power car screams and pops home.     

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