The Welsh Whistler Railtour, Feb 2006

The Welsh Whistler Railtour, Sat Feb 25th 2006

Pre Tour moves 240206

240206 Fr

86637  d liners

The highlight of the late afternoon was the S96 unit drag with 87006 photted here at Leighton

87006  S96-phot

321405}  1655 Euston-Coventry                    LB-NO


321405    1655 Euston-Coventry                    NO-CO

321405    1902 Coventry-Birmingham           CO-NS

158851    1933 Birmingham-Chester              NS-WO

Our overnight was in the Brittania Hotel Wolverhampton, a bit creaky but fine

250206 Sa

An early 158 off Wolves safely made the tour’s departure time of 0727 off New St. 40145 looked and sounded superb with a fresh coat of BR be whistling away nicely on departure in New St tunnel. At Stafford our 3rd party member Neil Evans joined and with the sun shining our 40 stormed North through the snowy Macclesfield hills.

Looking and sounding the part 40145 with the tour at New St

Once familiar 40 haunts of Stoke, Stockport and Piccadilly and the last pick up of Chester where there time for a quick photo stop to the background whistling of 40145. Once clear of Chester a hugely enoyable and noisy run through the Marches followed with plenty snow in the Black Mountains around Abergavenny. Newport centre road to much bellowing and finally Cardiff where we arrived in warm sun about 30 down at 1410.

40145 at Chester

Leaving Chester

Leaving Shrewsbury

Middle road at Newport

40145 looking superb in the sun at Cardiff

Desperate times saw the 3 of us do some 142 pacer bashing to Caerphilly for the chippie!

40145 brings the return tour into Cardiff

As the light faded 40145 returned with the ECS for an 1800 departure. Pathfinder officials removed some chap as he boarded, no messing, seemed over the top to me and a few others. Our return with us now nearer the thrash end and as i moved down the train to pick up my raffle prize we came to an abrupt halt at a green signal (DM60) nr Stoke Works Jn. The upbeat mood on the tour dropped understandably hugely as the wait for a rescue loco exceeded 2 hours. Eventually Cotswold’s 47714 buffered up and we were away some 170 late. We had a lift home courtesy of Neil Evans but there was understandable flapping amongst many on the train about simply getting home.

47805 and 40145 at Stafford in the early hours of Feb 26th 2022

At New St 47805 replaced 47714 which we suffered to Stafford for fond farewells to 40145 and  afast car home. Despite the failure this had been an enoyable tour.  

The Tour Moves        

158824            0530 Shrewsbury-Birmingham                                   WO-NS

40145              0600 Crewe-Cardiff 1Z47 Railtour                            NS-CF

                                    (via Mac,MP,Warr,Shr,Her)

142072            1416 Penarth-Bargoed                                                CF-CA

142010            1605 Bargoed-Penarth                                                CA-QS

143607}         1615 Rhymney-Cardiff                                               QS-CF


40145  1800 Cardiff-Crewe 1Z48 Railtour                                        CF-SW

Fail Stoke Wks Jn (peg DM 60)

47714}            1800 Cardiff-Crewe 1Z48 Railtour (180 late)                        SW-NS


47805}            1800 Cardiff-Crewe 1Z48 Railtour                                        NS-ST


Organiser – Pathfinder

Ching -£56

Timekeeping 30-180 Late

Stock 10 x Mk I/II


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