The Worksop Coalman Tour, Sep 93

The Worksop Coalman Railtour, Sunday September 5th 1993

Pre Tour flaps.

Sunday mornings were always a bit dubious and you always allowed a spare hour or two to make any Sunday tour. Sunday September 5th 1993 was no exception, when on leaving Watford on 321405 we were advised that the train was now terminating at Harrow due an ole isolation overrun. The “DC” once again saved the day with 313014 taking us forward to Euston via the “scenic route!”.

At Euston Railfrieght 47’s 47147 and 47303 were at the blocks having worked in the emcars for the 0830 Birmingham and 0840 Manchester departures. We couldn’t hang around to see if these were dragged North out of Euston as our tour departed the Cross at 0910.

Due to an isolation overrun, the likes of 47147 were borrowed to work ECS into Euston early on Sunday Sep 5th 1993

The “Worksop Coalman” tour  

A lengthy 11 coach Mk I consist was already well loaded as we arrived with 58037 and 58032 at the business end, rare visitors to the Cross.

58032 at the head of the tour at Kings Cross on Sunday Sep 5th 1993

1Z42 consist – 4993, 5037, 5023, 4977H, 17159, 1853, 17156, 4909, 4916, 4915 and 4842.

The usual Hertfordshire Railtours characters were aboard, a cheerful consist of spotters and bashers. The 58’s stormed down the ECML once clear of the Hertford loop running some 20 early into Retford. 58032 had developed an oil leak en route too. At Retford we took the tight curve onto the low level lines to Worksop where as linked here a superb array of power was on display.

Showing evidence of an oil leak, 58032 and 58037 rest at Worksop after a fast run from Kings Cross on September 5th 1993

Our first depot visit was brief as we quickly returned to rake in some of the exotic power on open day specials that were operating from Cottam/West Burton Power stations to Sheffield.

Rather massive 56100/56089 soon arrived with the 1135 Cottam – Sheffield shuttle, the packed stock consised of 7 Mk II’s and a Mk I BSK namely 5362, 5414, 4946, 35508, 5292, 5491, 5453, 5264. We returned behind 37504 and 37202 on the 1303 Sheffield – West Burton shuttle.

The impressive duo of 56089 and 56100 after working a shuttle into Sheffield on September 5th 1993

A relaxed wander round the Open day with a few phots linked here

59104 was then joined on the 1604 Sheffield – Retford low level shuttle, rare power indeed. Hertfordshire had arranged a special stop for the tour at Retford and it was to the relief of a good few when the tour actually stopped and a huge crowd piled on!

The return Tour power was a very impressive 56082 and 56083 (these had worked in on the Pathfinder tour and were swapped for the 58’s) which included a run through West Burton power station discharge loop where there were massive stockpiles of coal, then Gainsborough,  then we rejoined the ECML at Newark. The “Grids” screamed South, turbochargers singing for a 2010 arrival back at the Cross.

321417 returned us home from Euston, an enjoyable day out with a good few lines in the book!  


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