Up Glasgow, Jan 85

Glasgow bash, January 19th 1985

thanks to Dave Spencer

303043 waits at Neilston about to depart with the 06:54 to Glasgow Central.

From 1984 I’d started trying to cover the BR network by travelling on all available “passenger track” I finally achieved this in 1989 when I caned in the Aberdare branch (on a 116 cart as well)

I’d worked out a lengthy bashing plan which would see me cover almost all the Glasgow area lines that I wanted on a day scratch ticket. This would be achieved by going up 1S19 Friday night and coming back Saturday evening with 1V56.

1S19 was now air braked stock and so instead of the “roarer” or a rancid 86. I was surprised to see 87031 at the head. So a good bit of mileage was caned in.

I couldn’t sleep so just dozed and made a note of the station times. Running time was 4 hours 49 minutes with time spent at stations 42 minutes. Departure of this service was 00:22 at Birmingham with load 15 to Carstairs and load 8 forward.

Arrival into Glasgow Central was at 05:54 so no chance of making Queen St for the 06:00 Mallaig even if I’d wanted to. You need a plus thirteen to stand a chance!

Interestingly Glasgow ticket office had sent me a scratch card that was out of date. When I rang them up I was told to “just scratch the day and month off”. They had no new ones in stock.

87031BNSGlasgow Central
21:24Bristol TMGlasgow Central
303083Glasgow CentralNeilston
06:17Glasgow CentralNeilston
303083NeilstonGlasgow Central
06:54NeilstonGlasgow Central
303083Glasgow CentralNewton
07:37Glasgow CentralNewton
303044PartickQueen St LL
303001Queen St LLAirdrie
08:08Balloch CentralAirdrie
303032AirdrieQueen St LL
09:16AirdrieBalloch Central
303005Queen St LLMilngavie
314209PartickCentral LL
303019Glasgow CentralGourock
10:55Glasgow CentralGourock
303086GourockPort Glasgow
11:45GourockGlasgow Central
303051Port GlasgowWeymss Bay
11:45Glasgow CentralWeymss Bay
303051Weymss BayGlasgow Central
12:46Weymss BayGlasgow Central
27055Glasgow CentralCarlisle
13:45Glasgow CentralCarlisle
15:10Glasgow CentralEuston

This was the bash that actually happened, it was pretty solid 303 units and the lines were ticked off rapidly with some done in the dark. It was a decent day for a January, rather dull but fairly dry and not too cold .Don’t recall much in the way of “gripping” can’t recall if ever checked on the train.

303005 at “Fludgwick” other wise known as Milngavie on the 10:20 to Springburn.

I had better explain about Fludgwick. A Cambridgeshire basher was discussing about places that didn’t sound as they were spelt with a work colleague. Milngavie came up. Its pronounced “Mulguy” The wind up was when he sent oh you mean “Fludgwick” I can remember this well from 40 years ago.

303051 is now a “red train” at Wemyss Bay.

It’s interesting to note that the 303’s had a number of liveries but frankly I think that the corporate blue and grey looked quite good on them. You will note that the track bash came to an abrupt end!

Arriving a few minutes early into Glasgow Central I saw steaming away 27110 masquerading as 27055 at the head of the 13:45 to Carlisle.

Now when temptation appears one has to weigh up the facts. I gave in wouldn’t you?

It also gave me the excuse for a Scottish Rover in the February.

There was no time for a photograph and at Carlisle it was too dark. I attach an earlier view

27033 pauses at Carlisle 26th March 1983

Glasgow-Carlisle (Journal)   
GLASGOW CENTRAL00:00Muirhouse Jn02:40
Crossmyloof05:10Pollockshaws W06:40
BARRHEAD11:35Lugton Jn12:40
Mossgiel Tun In10:40Mossgiel Tun Out11:10
Mauchline12:30Brackenhill Jn14:30
Barony Jn15:23AUCKINLECK17:00
Old Cumnock03:35Polquap06:20
Bank Jn07:45New Cumnock08:35
Drumlanrig Tun In11:00Drumlanrig Tun Out11:40
Closeburn19:55Hollywood Crossing25:20
DUMFRIES28:40Dumfries S01:50
Rigg09:39Gretna Green11:40
Gretna Jn12:40Floriston15:40
27055 (ex 27110)   
13:45 Central-Carlisle   
4VB Steam heating   
35321 18858 18758 35456   

Yes I gave in to temptation but to be biblical, it could have delivered me from evil if 1V56 had been junk. The luxury of steam heating as the “Stone 4610” was pumping it through to my compartment. This train was gripped when the conductor came round and had a bit of banter when I said I was going the scenic way.

Managed an 87 to Preston then it was time to “Can the Can back to BNS.

This 27 temptation did me a big favour, I went back up for a week in February 1985, and got the track I was after but managed some 26’s to Wick

Thanks again to Dave Spencer for his write up, epic stuff!


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