Out East March 2022

Farces on both our outward journey on Monday March 7th (multiple signal failures at Needham Market) and our return on Wednesday March 9th (suicide Ilford area) saw our booked train caped at Ipswich and Colchester respectively. This was a bonus for me as it allowed a few phots and on the Wednesday 745008 on our 1300 Norwich – Liv St was caped at Colchester with 321303/301 on the following service going through to the Street from Colchester

After being evicted from a caped 1300 Liv St – Norwich at Ipswich i was hoping 321320 and classmate would form a relief to Norwich on March 7th, alas no!

A quartet of “Skodas” stabled at Ipswich on March 7th 2022

08785 stabled at the new Ipswich depot on March 7th 2022

158864 at Attleborough with a Norwich – Liverpool service on March 8th 2022

57003 stabled at Norwich on March 9th 2022

Apologies but taken through a dirty Stadler unit window, heres former Fastline legend 56302 at Crown Point curve with a freight from Lowerstoft to the Midlands on March 9th 2022

Unlikely to work in Anglia again, former Silverlink machines 321434 and 321406 stored at Colchester on March 9th 2022

In more interesting times out East here 47135 steaming away at Cambridge with 1C73 1135 Kings Lynn – Liverpool St on April 5th 1983


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