The Buxton Bullet, Dec 1 1984

The Buxton Bullet Railtour, Saturday December 1st 1984

Pre Tour moves

2 different 86’0’s on the Evening Cobblers was a good start but it was a bit worrying to see the likes of 81002, 85018 and 85023 all dispatched North. 1A76 the legendary 1730 Birmingham – Euston local shacks turn at least got 85039. After an evening back home it was 310084 North to Rugby picking up Steve Wolverton en route.

At Rugby 58002/58013 on a down Speedlink looked good, the power North to Crewe was dull though. 85031 took us and a good few more tour punters from Crewe to New St on V62 before “bog cart” 51340/59491/51381 took us to the unusual tour pick up station, Stourbridge Jn.

33004 at Crewe with the 0355 vans to Stoke on December 1st 1984

The Tour

consist 9 x Mk I’s

organiser F n W

headcode 1Z40

The tour arrived Stourbridge Jn close to the booked 0814 departure time (15 down). The power was a dull western Region steamer 47121 (2 x 31 had been requested) but we headed straight onto rare track heading through Dudley low level (under Dudley Port), Wednesbury and into Bescot Yard. Here the requested 08 also failed to produce. F n W then advised they couldn’t sit me and Steve Wolverton together , we had booked separately….

Things picked up with 25089 and 25245 chattering away and steaming nicely from Bescot. 82 miles of rat mileage followed taking in Soho W, Wolves, Crewe and Stockport. The requested 40 was waiting here and 40044 was well received. 40044 was soon thrashing away on the long climb from Hazel Grove to Buxton where we had an hour’s break on a grey, misty Pennine afternoon.

Mike Fielding of F n W tours enquires with the driver of 25089 at Stockport, Dec 1st 1984

The laugh of the day came from some “anti Peak” men aboard, they were not happy that 45034 had been attached for the 0.25mile pull back to Buxton Jn. An interesting route then followed through Peak Forest, New Mills, Cheadle Jn, Northenden Jn, Skelton Jn, Altrincham, Northwich, Middlewich and Crewe.

Buxton tour views of 40044 and 47278 on Buxton shed, December 1st 1984

40044 then had a blast of WCML running but we had to bail at Stafford to get home earlier as the tour was routed slowly via Bescot and Stourbridge Jn via Soho. Looking back this tour had a high trapped factor, Watt’s incessant squealing in the buffet didnt impress and the lack of advertised power made this a disappointing tour but with 2 x 25, a 40 and so much freight track you could’t complain really!

Post Tour moves

Some HST to Wolves, “roarer bowler” 86321 Wolves – MK for 310051 getting me home for 2000.

The Gen

30/11/84 Fr   no winners! all weekend!

86260  1714Euston-Northampton

86037  1718 Euston-Northampton                                         LB-MK

053      1635 Birmingham-Euston                                           MK-LB

81003  1745 Euston-Northampton

85023  1750 Euston-Preston Addit

81002  1755 Euston-Manchester

85018  1810 Euston-Wolverhampton

86001  1815 Euston-Northampton                                         LB-BY

85039  1730 Birmingham-Euson                                            BY-LB   

084      2200 Euston-Rugby                                        LB-RU

                                                            1/12/84 Sa

86103  2240 Euston-Inverness

87011  2330 Euston-Glasgow

86212  2320 Euston-Wolverhampton

58002}            D.Railfreight


86231  2330 Euston-Glasgow

86246  2350 Euston-Liverpool                                               RU-CR

45136  2350 Euston-Liverpool

47535  0225 Euston-Holyhead

86209  0352 Crewe-Birmingham

86228  2215 Glasgow-Euston

86258  2310 Glasgow-Euston

47555  0115 Holyhead-Euston

81014  0115 Holyhead-Euston  (fail Stafford)

86037  0350 Euston-Bletchley

85031  2355 Glas/Edin-Bristol                                               CR-NS (via BS)

31402  0713 Birmingham-Leicester


59491}            0730 Birmingham-Hereford                                      NS-SJ


47121  0410 Plymouth-Buxton Railtour                                SJ-BS (via Dudley)

25089}            0410 Plymouth-Buxton Railtour                                BS-STOC


40044  0410 Plymouth-Buxton Railtour                                STOC-ST (via Buxton/Crewe)

45034  1255 Buxton-Plymouth Railtour                                BX-BX H

HST     1642 Manchester-Birmingham                                    ST-WO

85022  1754 Birmingham-Manchester

86321  1827 Wolverhampton-Euston                                    WO-MK

051      1837 Birmingham-Euston                                           MK-LB


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