37250 the ghost of Glen Douglas!

The ghost of Glen Douglas, January 26th 1985

At Glasgow Queen St back on January 26th 1985 a big crowd had gathered for the 1650 Fort William service. We were puzzled as this would presumably be a steam-heat 37 or 27 at best. Before we could get the gen a grubby freight beast in 37133 complete with salmon logo and Ethel came out of Queen St Tunnels.

When 37133 arrived at Gairlochead, we were even more amazed at a mass bail of syphon bashers. We were about to follow when they all piled on again after the ”friendly” signalman told them we were crossing the up at Arrochar. The Glen Douglas signalmen had other instructions the 1415 ex Fort William had priority due no heat……What followed 20 minutes later will remain in our minds for ever as 37250 with its frozen up, icicled, stock and  a few ghost like passengers stormed passed us in the dark. Bashers from both trains bellowed “your bowled” ,yes we all were. We later found out 37043 had failed earlier in the day and a road coach had been put at Fort William on for passengers wanting heat! to Glasgow. .

Attempts by me to rake in 37250 in the following years failed miserably and with her stood down, nominally stored, at Tyne Yard in Sep 2000 I feared the “ghost of Glen Douglas” would never ever be raked in…   

Fortunately 37250 was preserved with her first run in preservation in June 2012. The offer of a fast car move courtesy of GK saw us heading North down the M1 early on Sunday August 7th 2022. We arrived at Leeming Bar well early and were pleased when 37250 looking good in Dutch livery started up and after a long, tense wait on a warm Wensleydale morning, 37250 departed in style on the 1030 departure for the 11.5 mile run to Leyburn.

Memories of that dark, freezing night at Glen Douglas when 37250 growled past covered in snow, ice, frost with her 4 coaches looking even colder returned but it was brilliant to get the old girl in the book and 3 Wensleydale return trips saw a reasonable 69 miles or so recorded behind her on the day. 

37250 brief loco history       

I first spotted 37250 as 6950 outside York depot on October 14th 1972 as a Healey Mills loco back then when she was just 8 years old. She was renumbered 37250 in Feb 74, the year she was transferred to Gateshead where she remained based until 1987.

Hartlepool 37250 stabled here on 280474

Tyne Yard 37250 stabled here on 290581

Gateshead 37250 at home on 220583

A rare London passenger turn, 1P74 1305 Liverpool St – Cambridge on 120983

Crewe Works Open Day 020684 37250 on show!

6S59 0020 Tees Yard – Stranraer Town Speedlink recorded by “GJ” at Ayr on 050285

37250 worked the 1540 Euston – Aberystwyth ex Salop on 150887

37250 and 37071 1M16 2020 Inverness – Euston sleepers on 090493

The late Tony Ewer raked in 37250 on the 1721 Birmingham – Holyhead on 280599

Ian Saunders raked in 37250 on the 0415 Holyhead – Birmingham on 140699, her last day on passenger turns

Exported to France for new line construction July 99-Sep 00

Returned to the UK and stored Tyne Yard Sep 00 – Jan 08

First run in preservation 220612…

Finally raked in 070822!!

37250 looking good about to leave Leyburn for Leeming Bar on the Wensleydale line, August 8th 2022

Running round prior to working her last turn of the day at Leeming Bar on August 7th 2022

Any more 37250 memories to share??


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