Loco hauled to Dorridge in 1987!

Loco hauled to Dorridge in 1987! Thanks to Dave Spencer

My Lords 45066 at Moor St, 270287

It was earlier in 1987 that saw loco hauled service trains operating out of Moor Street

for the first time since the mid/late 1960’s.

By this time I was going straight home from work in Birmingham as I do now.

I was told the sad news that Dave Rollason aka “Wellington” had passed away.

At his funeral on the 26th February I was advised about these loco hauled workings

which we think began on Monday 16th February 1987

The Inbound working – known gen

314xx 0810 Dorridge – Moor St 250287

47436 0810 Dorridge – Moor St 260287

47598 0810 Dorridge – Moor St 270287

The Outward working – known gen

47468 1800 Moor St – Leamington 200287

47585 1745 Moor St – Dorridge 260287

45066 2H34 1745 Moor St – Dorridge (load 5vb) 270287

45066 2H35 1823 Dorridge – Moor St (load 5vb) 270287

Any other gen on these rare turns very welcome to help complete the picture.

The reason for locomotive haulage was down to the decrepit condition of Tyseleys DMU fleet. They were being constantly battered to keep them running. The Railway Observer states that extra sets were needed for extra customers coming in by rail due to partial closure of the Aston Expressway. My conclusion is that its a combination of both but the standard of Tyseley units was shocking at this time

I require some information on the morning working which apparently worked Monday to Friday from 16th to 20th and 23rd to 27th February.1987.

Ive put some RCTS information above

The evening workings only ran four times 20th 25th 26th and 27th February.

These were 2H34 17:45 Moor St-Dorridge and 2H35 1823 Dorridge-Moor St

26th February saw 47585 on the turn.

I turned up on Friday 27th February the last time it worked.

45066 was the power for five mark ones 18779, 18763, 18770, 35479 & 19017. BSK 35479 survives as main line registered support coach for 61306 in 2023! Sadly 18763, 18770, 18779 and 19017 were all scrapped in late 1989/early 1990

Apparently the morning working had been a 31 (conflict of gen here)

and those expecting it again were truly withered by big Crompton Parkinson power.

The stock arrived at platform 3 single manned with a travelling shunter. The Moor Street run/round loop being used. The traversers having been removed years ago

No appreciable time was lost, the time out to Tyseley was impossible then. The Dorridge-Widney Manor section does not make allowances for the crossover at Dorridge

Moor St00Knowle & Dorridge  
Bordesley 3m 00sBentley Heath 2m 20s
Small Heath & Sparkbrook 4m 50sWidney Manor44m 25s
Tyseley56m 35sSolihull42m 35s
Acocks Green & South Yardley32m 40sOlton42m 55s
Olton32m 03sAcocks Green & South Yardley31m 55s
Solihull43m 07sTyseley32m 38s
Widney Manor32m 30sSmall Heath & Sparkbrook32m 05s
Bentley Heath 3m 10sBordesley 1m 45s
Knowle & Dorridge45m 08sMoor St44m 05s
45066 190 ton tare 200 gross     

At Dorridge, the side platform was used with the run round being done via the adjacent loop used by the car trains that used to depart from here.

Now was this the first ever Peak to work a Dorridge local, no!! as back on April 26th 1963

D123 (45125) worked the 1728 Birmingham SH – Knowle and Dorridge.

I think it safe to say that the 45066 turns in Feb 87 were probably the last loco hauled service trains to the likes of Acocks Green, Small Heath and Widney Manor.

Nowadays the Moor Street-Marylebone services make easy meat of the run to Solihull

Following the reinstatement of Tyseley North Junction, I have experienced a sub 8 minute run with a 67 hauled service.

Dave’s other phots from the evening of February 27th 1987

45066 arrives at Birmingham Moor St with the empties

Bashers look on as 45066 runs round via the Platform 3 crossover and loop

Big Sulzer 45066 at Moor St prior to departure with the 1745 to Dorridge

A gem of a night phot from DS with 45066 prior to departure with the 1823 local to Moor St

Thanks again to Dave Spencer for the article and phots, cracking stuff

A link with Feb 87 on January 17th 2023 when 61306 and steaming BSK 35479 worked South through Leighton in glorious midday winter sun


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