40106 at the Valley, Dec 2022

40106 at the Valley, Friday December 30th 2022

40106 was in fine form working the following SVR turns on 301222

1115 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth

1315 Bridgnorth – Kidderminster

1515 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth

1715 Bridgnorth – Kidderminster

A hard working thrashing 40106,  good way to end 2022…

40106 could be heard in the still Valley air some minutes before whistling into Arley with the 1115 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth with 6 Mk I’s and Gresley coach 2701 in tow on December 30th 2022

A fine spectacle 40106 at Hampton Loade with the 1115 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth on December 30th 2022

40106 running round at Bridgnorth, 20048 alongside on Friday December 30th 2022

3 views in soft Winter sun of 40106 at Kidderminster after arrival with the 1315 ex Bridgnorth on Friday December 30th 2022

In the dusky light 40106 again at Hampton Loade with the 1515 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth on Friday Deember 30th 2022

40106 has been in preservation since 1984, considerably longer than her 24 year BR career. 40106 was initailly based at the Great Central Loughborough and is seen here during a deisel gala on October 5th 1985. She moved to the Nene Valley in 1990 before being Washwood Heath based from 2011-2016. 40106 was puchased from the Bowdens by the CFPS in 2015 being Bury based but with spells on loan to the SVR since then.


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