New timetable moves, May 86

The new timetable begins, Monday May 12th 1986            

The new timetable beckoned and always was a time of nervous anticipation, would the “roarers” on the “Cobbers” be swapped for class 86’s (rancid cans) as rumoured for the last year or so. Friday May 9th 1986 had seen the last 1B07 bashed as this train would terminate at Bletchley from the new timetable. For the record , the uncommon 85016 worked the final 1B07 to Northampton.

Monday May 12th saw the first of the “daytime Cobblers” with the following hauled turns.

1B01 0925 Euston – Northampton (half rake)

1A22 1109 Northampton – Euston

1B02 1110 Euston – Northampton (half rake)

1A35 1313 Northampton – Euston 

1B03 1305 Euston – Northampton (full rake)

1A53 1611 Northampton – Euston

The Evening Cobblers had the following hauled turns

1B06 1714 Euston – Northampton

1B07 1718 Euston – Bletchley

1B08 1745 Euston – Northampton (stock off 1A53)

1B09 1815 Euston – Northampton

1B10 1935 Euston – Northampton (stock of 1B07)

So plenty trains to do, but would they roar? I had to go work but Dave Jackson covered the inagural 1B01 and 1B02 which produced 85024 and 81008 respectively, not bad eh?!!! So at Leighton we awaited the hauled 1A53 (1641 off LB, 1722 at Euston) a full load 13 rake. Unfortunately this produced 86211 “City of M.Keynes” and this ill fated “can” got a fair bit of abuse as we headed South.

1A53 did’nt make the first 2 Evening Cobbler departures off Euston so there was more howling of anguish as we crossed 85024 on1B06 and 85022 on 1B07. On the DCS side of Euston 85040 was hovering and as hoped for, 85040 backed onto 1B08 the 1745 Euston – Northampton.

Front vestibule seats on 1B08 saw us enjoy the howls, pops and other varied noises “roarers” emitted. Outside Euston the rateable 81020 was hovering, “good bet for B09” we all said at once.

So we bailed off 85040 at Leighton, a 30 minute fester in the Station Hotel pub then, as expected 81020 roared in on 1B09. 25.68 miles of “fish” miles followed, much bellowing over Hanslope. At Northampton the safe plus 17 was made onto 310093 home. We crossed 1B10 the last “evening Cobbler” South of Bletchey some 55 down with 85019 up front so all 5 Evening Cobblers had roared that night, happy days on the Cobblers! 

Phot Spot

As expected, but a very welcome sight and sound, 81020 roars into the old Leighton station with 1B09 1815 Euston – Northampton on May 12th 1986, happy days on the Cobblers!

Known gen from the day,    12/5/86 Mo (new tt)

85019    1A56 1245 Holyhead-Euston

86211    1A53 1611 Northampton-Euston                                                                                    LB-EU

85013    1A10 0725 Manchester-Euston

85024    1B06 1714 Euston-Northampton

85022    1B07 1718 Euston-Bletchley

85040    1B08 1745 Euston-Northampton                                                                                    EU-LB

81002    1P02 1015 Euston-Carlisle

81002    1A61 1500 Carlisle-Euston

81020    1B09 1815 Euston-Northampton                                                                                    LB-NO

85024    0925 Euston-Northampton 1B01-inagural

81008    1110 Euston-Northampton 1B02

85035    1M00 1215 Brighton-Liverpool

093         1821 Birmingham-Euston                                                                                                 NO-LB

81008    1D71 1900 Euston-Holyhead

85019    1B10 1935 Euston-Northampton (55L)        


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