The Maybach Meanderer, Dec 2013

The Maybach Meanderer, Saturday 14th December 2013

Good to be on a ” real railtour” again….An enjoyable climb through the Golden Valley then a brief GW burst before joining the Oxford – Claydon line with a running speed much higher than 80’s tours along here. Possibly 1015 is the first Western on the Oxford – Claydon section since 1048 worked local stone trains in January 77.

The new connection from the Oxford-Claydon line onto the Chiltern main line earthworks look well underway at Bicester, the tour brochure claiming a Feb 2014 chord opening for engineers traffic.

Quainton was at least dry for our visit,  a “Linslade tunnel” maroon enamel sign was well received in the museum here.

The stock was watered here, a very loud Hunslet ex MOD shunter was most impressive on a shuttle paralleling the “Santa Special” kettle. Sure a good few would have enjoyed some Hunslet “mileage” in the presumably operational spare coach here.

At Aylesbury 67008, 67013, Iris and the bubble were lined up. The light faded as our 13 coach consist rattled over Marsh Crossing then onto the mainline at Risboro. Saunderton summit, then a good run to Ruislip, Greenford, Acton ML and onto the WCML via Acton Canal Wharf and the Willesden diveunder.

Unfortunately we had to wait here for an all stations Tring unit so progress was steady until we opened up for a storming run from Tring to Roade. Maybach sounds echoed eerily in the pitch darkness of Tring Cutting.

Leighton on passing was bellowed at 1730 (the first Western on passenger here?) before our Northampton loop path slowed things.

We bailed at New St to see a very impressive departure from platforms which no longer see any booked loco hauled passenger

And so ended a nostalgia treat behind a class of loco unique in the 70’s and in 2013!.

Tour phot spot

 After running round 1015 takes the wartime built chord towards Quainton at Claydon Jn

 Thanks to Andrew Royle for this tour arriving at Quainton Road view

 Thanks to Andrew Chambers for this view of the tour laying over for 90 minutes at Quainton Road

 the Quainton ex MoD Hunslett shunter made an impressive thrash

 “Champion” meets the bubble at Aylesbury, 67008 tries to get in the view too

 Champion joins the Chiltern mainline at Risboro

 1015 about to make an impressive departure for the North at New St


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