Strathspey diesel gala, March 2022

Strathspey Diesel Gala, Friday – Sunday March 18-20th 2022

A superb Gala helped by good weather, staff out to enjoy themselves, busy but never wedged trains and a good atmosphere over the 3 days. Personally the best thrash came from the gravely sounding North British shunter D2774, absolutely brilliant!

27050 was in fine fettle sounding good pulling away hard, 37674 was pretty good too and 37403 on the full railtour rake climbing out of Boat of Garten was sustained, growler thrash!

Hopefully will become a regular event, must have raised a few bob for the line.

37674 kicks off the superb 3 day Gala bringing in the emcars to form the 0915 Aviemore – Dulnain Bridge on Friday March 18th 2022

The stars of the Gala perhaps, superb thrash, fast running on the Boatof Garten shunter shuttle deleviring 1.3 miles of sheer pleasure to all aboard the 2 brake vans.

27050 sounding “tip top” as ever awaits departure time from Broomhill with the 1410 to Aviemore on March 18th 2022

37674 looking and sounding throaty! after running round in the loop just beyond the station at Broomhill to then work the 1710 return service to Aviemore on Friday March 18th 2022

27050 arrives at Aviemore dragging the dead 117 DMU to form the 0915 departure to Broomhill on March 19th 2022

37403 at Broomhill prior to departure with the 1610 to Aviemore on March 19th 2022

Growler thrash on the warm breeze 37685 and 37403 leave Aviemore with the return SRPS Railtour to Edinburgh as dusk falls on March 19th 2022

31327 at Aviemore with the stock of the 0915departure to Dulnain Bridge powered by 37674 on Sunday March 20th 2022

08490 atop 2 brake vans and 2774 after anothe renjoyable shunter shuttle on March 20th 2022

26002 awaits restoration (26025 was also on shed) at Boat on March 20th 2022

Could pass for a late 60’s scene perhaps? 27050 awaits her next turn at Boat on March 20th 2022

A superb 3 day event, many thanks to all at the Strathspey for making it such an enjoyable event.


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