The Blackpool Boomerang, June 1985

The Blackpool Boomerang Tour, Saturday June 1st 1985.

Pre Tour Moves

85016 on 1B07 Evening Cobbler began the pre tour moves from Leighton to Northampton for a 310 unit back. Then it was a fast car with the girlfriend to Bedford for an evening meet with some of her workmates, yawn. I was deposited at Bedford station before the 0005 had even left Pancras!

A long fester then 45110 arrived and it was a comfortable compo overnight to Derby with 45132 forward to Sheffield on the Penzance – Newcastle overnight. A DMU leap to Chesterfield with at least 10 other bashers simply to keep warm! Required 37215 was raked in to Masboro on the Blackpool, 47193 back, then required 08857 on the Bradford – Poole portion shunt at Sheffield.

Required 37249 on the Chesterfield – Scarborough to Donny to await the “Blackpool Boomerang” tour.

                                                                31/5/85 Fr

          85030          1B06 1714 Euston-Northampton

          85016          1B07 1718 Euston-Northampton                    LB-NO

          060               1730 Birmingham-Euston                                 NO-LB

          85019          1B09 1815 Euston-Northampton

          86420          1B08 1745 Euston-Northampton    

                                                                1/6/85 Sat

          45110          1P03 0005 St.Pancras-Derby                            BE-DE

          45132          1E61 2035 Penzance-Newcastle                      DE-SH

          54015}        0529 Sheffield-Chesterfield                              SH-CH


          53001}        0607 Chesterfield-York                                      CH-SH


          45026          1E17 0710 Sheffield-Skegness                                        

          31107          1E83 0725 Chesterfield-Yarmouth                

          37215          1M89 0715 Sheffield-Blackpool                     SH-RO

          47193          1O27 0645 York-Portsmouth                           RO-SH

          31119          1O13 0600 Bradford-Poole

          08857          1O13  0600 Bradford-Poole onto Leeds-Poole SH snt

          47197          1O13 0714 Leeds-Poole

          37249          2H10 0805 Chesterfield-Scarboro                   SH-RO

          54006}        0851 Sheffield-Cleethorpes                               RO-DO


          31110          1D20 0850 Leeds-Skegness

The tour

          37245}        0715 Kings X-Blackpool Railtour                    DO-HM


          25175}        0715 Kings X-Blackpool Railtour                    HM-BL


          25198}        1645 Blackpool-Kings X Railtour                    BL-SH


          37245}        1645 Blackpool-Kings X Railtour                   SH-KX


The tour was already an hour down due loco issues, required 37245 being added to 37019 at Posh. On joining I met up with Smudger Smith aka as the “Buzzard” but despite the good weather and reasonable power the tour atmosphere seemed flat. Also on our table was some spotty type with his very normal girlfriend. I don’t think they were too impressed with 2 hairy arsed bashers “fresh” off an overnight bellowing and enjoying themselves!   

From Healy Mills the main event in 25198 and 25175 replaced the 37’s. Both were dud, 25198 apparently being fixed for Mustoe we’d had 25198 on the return Eastbourne – Bedford Adex the previous month. Still the rats performed well, a really loud small Sulzer attack on Copy Pit was perhaps the highlight of the day.

25198 and 25175 at the Blackpool blocks with the tour, June 1st 1985

At a sunny hot Blackpool we had 3 hours to kill, Smudger did some trams I just wandered around admiring the Northern lassies in various states of undress on the prom. The rats return run didn’t live up to our hopes. 25198 kept shutting down and we steadily lost time. At Manchester Victoria there remains an unanswered question, did 31280 bank up Miles platting bank????

We thought 25175/25198 stormed out of Vic at such great pace that 31280 was left wallowing behind and didn’t bank. Six Bells Jn claims 31280 did bank, a mystery! 25198 after these execrations continued to plod and shut down resulting in us losing our path through Edale. We were stuck behind an all stations Manchester – Sheffield DMU so the lateness increased and our tour atmosphere dipped.

From Sheffield 37245/37019 replaced our rats and we took the Worksop and Retford route to reach the ECML. A little of the lost time was made up and it was a relief to get off the Cross and stroll down the Euston Road for 310073 home on the 2302. Not an epic tour by a long way but 170 miles behind each “rat” definitely made it worth doing……

Can anybody confirm 31280 didn’t bank???

Tour Organiser – Hertfordshire

Stock 11 x FO mk I (Beryl and Cheryl rake)       


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