87002 returns! Aug/Sep 2022

87002 returns to class 1 duties locally, Aug/Sep 2022

One of the few good things to come out of the recent industrial disputes/work to rules across our railway has seen LSL electric power feature on a Friday Only turn formed of Mk III stock and DVT.

1Z40 1429 Crewe – Euston (non stop, pass LB 1544, arr Euston 1612)

1Z41 1742 Euston – Manchester (pass LB 1807)

Call Bir Int’l, New St, Wolves, Stafford, Crewe, Wilmslow, Man Picc 2112

Whilst 90001 and 90002 have also featured, most interest has been generated by 87002 working 1Z40/1Z41 on Aug 26th and Sep 9th, lets hope there are many more such workings

Better than any damn Pendo, 87002 rounds the curve at Old Linslade with 1Z40 1429 Crewe – Euston on Friday August 26th 2022

Looking and sounding good 87002 passes “Charlie’s Paddock” just South of Leighton with 1Z40 1429 Crewe – Euston on September 9th 2022

Viewed from the new footbridge at Leighton 87002 powers North right time with 1Z41 1742 Euston – Manchester on September 9th 2022


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