E5001 returns to the main line, Sep 92

E5001 returns to the Main Line, September 12th 1992

Hertfordshire Railtours

Stock 2  x 4TC, 417 and 410

Personally Class 71s had always been either stabled at the likes of Paddock Wood or at Victoria with the “Night Ferry”. With the class withdrawn by the Autumn of 77 i thought that was it for bashing a Class 71. 71001 was preserved and in May 92 the engineers at Chart Leacon saw her fit for a return to main line running under the ownership of the NRM.

A sunny morning saw a lot of suited Surrey types aboard our coach, a good few spotters too as this tour was also going to reach Bournemouth Open Day. Still at 0900  sharp railway history was made with the first run of a modern preserved loco with 73132 tucked inside for insurance. The 71’s whistle style hooter raised interest as loads of people photted the old girl en route. 71001’s performance was flawless and all to soon we were at Bournemouth where she was removed to a siding for a good rest.

NSE 33114 was then sampled on the shuttle to the depot where the following extensive collection of exhibits were admired…

09007, 33008, 33102, 37892, 47223, 50002, 50007, 50021, 50027, 56001, 59004, 60063, 73109, 87013 along with preserved 25067, 27007, 45060, 55016, 55022, E27000 plus kettles 34027 and 75069. Units included 2090, 4732,  5001, 2408, 159001, 205029 and 930017.

The return run was equally flawless until we were checked outside Clapham Jn. announcements that a riot (literally) was taking place on the concourse at Waterloo saw 71001’s train terminated and we did a unit into Victoria.

71001 did a few other tours but once privatisation of our railway came along in 1994 71001 was sidelined. She currently resides at NRM Shildon in an immaculate blue livery


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