TC in Holland,March 98

Holland March 1998

Thanks to “TC” for the memories

After collecting tokens from the daily newspapers for cheap ferry tickets in 1994 and 1995, I was rather withered when the offer was not repeated in 1996. My interest was diverted towards Ireland initially with a railtour at the end of March 1996. Holland took a back seat until sometime late 1997 when I was reading the latest edition of “Today’s Railways” in the WH Smith library at work. I noticed some gen relating to diagrams for the Dutch 1100/1200/1300 electrics and news that they were soon to be scrapped.

After some thought, a plan came together involving flying from Luton to Schipol with Easyjet and hopefully a few hours sleep in a cheap hotel very close to Rotterdam CS station. I had the address but no phone number, hopfully there would be somebody in when I rang the door, and that their English was better than my Dutch as I wanted an early start the next morning to cover the overnight from Paris which was also listed in the diagrams for an old electric.

The day of the trip dawned and after an on time flight, I had a few hours to kill before the Schipol – Berlin train so did a couple of fill in moves. I was happy when 1215 rolled in with the Berlin train, which it would work as far as Bad Bentheim, on the Dutch / German border. My move was just to Amersfoort for the +40 or so for the Berlin – Schipol  which was also on the diagrams for an old electric and dropped 1136. Back at Amsterdam CS I was admiring 1136 when I noted 1302 pull in over the far side of the station on a train I had expected to be either a 16 or 1700. 1302 had around 10 minutes standing time so when it left I was comfortably in the front coach and making myself at home for the run to Eindhoven. Disaster struck on the outstkirts of Den Bosch as we hit a car on a level crossing, no one injured although 1302 had minor damage and the car was a write off. After some delay we limped forward to s’Hertogenbosch where the train was terminated.

I caught the following train into Eindhoven before heading back to Rotterdam CS via Tilburg. The hotel was located and the owner spoke perfect English. For my early start I was offered some continental takeaway breakfast which was very welcome.

Tuesday 10th March 1998

1191 (SNCB)        09.30 Amsterdam CS – Brussells Midi            Schipol – Den Haag HS                                     42km

1187 (SNCB)        xx.xx Brussells Midi – Amsterdam CS            Den Haag HS – Amsterdam CS                       59km

                                (10.20 ex Den Haag HS)

1647                       xx.xx Maastricht – Haarlem                             Amsterdam CS – Amsterdam Sloterdijk        4km

                                (12.03 ex Amsterdam CS, 20 late)

1754                       11.20 Dordrecht – Amsterdam CS                   Amsterdam Sloterdijk – Amsterdam CS        4km

1215                       xx.xx Schipol – Berlin                                        Amsterdam CS – Amersfoort                           44km

                                (13.14 ex Amsterdam CS)

1136                       xx.xx Berlin – Schipol                                        Amersfoort – Amsterdam CS                           44km

                                (14.14 ex Amersfoort)

1302                       14.42 Haarlem – Eindhoven                             Amsterdam CS – s’Hertogenbosch                  87km

                                                                                                                (Cancelled, running 40 late, after hitting

                                                                                                                a car on a level crossing)

1641                       15.12 Haarlem – Maastricht                             s’Hertogenbosch – Eindhoven                          32km

1773                       15.57 Heerlen – Den Haag CS                          Eindhoven – Rotterdam CS                              107km

1775                       16.57 Heerlen – Den Haag CS                          Rotterdam CS – Den Haag HS                         22km

1720                       19.11 Amsterdam CS – Dordrecht                   Den Haag HS – Rotterdam CS                         22km

1606                       17.57 Heerlen – Den Haag CS                          Rotterdam CS – Den Haag HS                         22km

1722                       20.11 Amsterdam CS – Dordrecht                   Den Haag HS – Rotterdam CS                         22km

An early start to Day 2, but very happy when 1142 rolled in and the train was fairly empty as well so I was soon stretched out in a compo for the run up to Amsterdam CS. The plan for today was a trip down to Venlo, the Today’s Railways diagrams listed a freight or two booked for the older electrics. I also thought 1215 and 1136 would probably stick on the Schipol – Berlin’s.

Venlo is on the Dutch / German border and their was a fairly busy yard behind the station. This is where the railway changed voltages as well from the Dutch to the German system. 1210 and 1310 were in the yard and both parked nicely for pictures.

A few hours back in Amsterdam produced 1309 on the Berlin – Schipol which had been 1136 the day before. After a couple of trips out to Haarlem before another Berlin – Schipol train took me back to the airport and my flight home.

Wednesday 11th March 1998

1142                       23.16 (PN) Paris Noord – Amsterdam CS       Rotterdam CS – Amsterdam CS                      82km

                                                                                                                (Via Schipol)

1186 (SNCB)        08.30 Amsterdam CS – Brussells Midi            Amsterdam CS – Roosendaal                          139km

8214 (EMU)         Not recorded                                                         Roosendaal – Breda                                           23km

1773                       09.50 Den Haag CS – Heerlen                          Breda – Eindhoven                                             58km

1631                       11.33 Eindhoven – Koln Hbf                            Eindhoven – Venlo                                             51km

                                                                                                                (110151 worked forward) 

1631                       11.17 Koln Hbf – Eindhoven                             Venlo – Eindhoven                                             51km

                                                                                                                (110247 worked from Koln Hbf)

1624                       13.07 Eindhoven – Haarlem                             Eindhoven – Amsterdam CS                            119km

1309                       xx.xx Berlin – Schipol                                        Amsterdam CS – Schipol                                   17km

                                (14.55 ex Amsterdam CS)

1748                       Not recorded                                                         Schipol – Amsterdam CS                                   17km

                                (15.28 ex Schipol)

1647                       xx.xx Maastricht – Haarlem                             Amsterdam CS – Haarlem                                                18km

                                (16.03 ex Amsterdam CS)

1625                       16.42 Haarlem – Eindhoven                             Haarlem – Amsterdam CS                                                18km

1641                       16.07 Eindhoven – Haarlem                             Amsterdam CS – Haarlem                                                18km

1635                       18.12 Haarlem – Maastricht                             Haarlem – Amsterdam CS                                                18km

1144                       11.50 Berlin Zoo – Schipol                                Amsterdam CS – Schipol                                   17km

A few photos from the trip are here:

Thanks again to “TC” for the write up and phots


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