Newcastle freight 1977, 2018-2021

Its a long way from Leighton but a small selection of Newcastle area freight from down the years here, contributions welcome

31228 approaches Newcastle Central with an up oils on June 21st 1977

All very different today sadly, 20210 and 20214 at Tyne Yard after arriving on a freight from Tinsley on June 21st 1977

66711 passes Pelaw with an up aggregates train on February 27th 2018

Presumably off a freight 37069 is seen at Newcastle about to assist snow affected XC services on February 28th 2018

68006 and 88008 pass Dilston Crossing with a Kingmoor – Seaton on Tees empty flask working on a sunny September 10th 2020

66169 approaches Newcastle Central with a Mossend – Teesport Tesco train on September 28th 2021

60095 takes coal empties from Lynemouth Power station to Tyne Coal terminal through Newcastle Central on September 28th 2021

66304 passes Dilston Crossing with the Carlisle – Newcastle RHTT on September 30th 2021 (66302 was tailing)

68004 and 68009 pass Dilston Crossing with a Carlisle Yd – Seaton on Tees empty flask working on October 1st 2021


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