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April 7th update – 5 new images

With Haddenham & Thame Parkway station in the background and carrying a SLC Operations headboard 20142 SIR JOHN BETJEMAN + 20007 head south with the 5Q20 0953 Eastleigh Arlington – West Ruislip LUL Depot on April 5th 2021. The consist comprises former LMS inspection vehicle 45029, 17 Florence Nightingale and the former class 438 LT 4TC unit 76324 + 70823 + 71163 + 76297. The train is seen passing the remains of the old Haddenham station platforms to the left. This station closed on 7 January 1963 whilst the present station was opened on 5 October 1987. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

After a heavy snow shower the previous evening Old Linslade looks a wintry picture as 92018 passes right time with 1M16 Caledonain Sleeper fro Inverness and Edinburgh on April 7th 2021

E27000 back in Holland for the NS 150 celebrations the EM2 is working the “Tilburg Tommy” tour on July 8th 1989. An Ian Saunders phot

Sarah Siddons no 12 on a Chesham – Watford West special at Rickmansworth on July 9th 1989.An Ian Saunders photo

Happy days on “route 89” 33019 leaves Salisbury on October 19th 1985 working 1V24 1010 Portsmouth – Bristol

Hymek 7068 at Bristol Bath Road in October 1972

The mighty “Nimbus” 55020 on an up service at Doncaster on June 20th 1977

Ian Windmill captures the drama of a return Adex behind 85012 which has caught fire and has been split as the fire brigade douse the flames,taken from Tunnel Hill on May 24th 1978

Let the thrash begin, due to a wires down at Ledburn its drag time! 25276 will drag 87030 on the delayed 1015 Manchester – Euston to Hemel on January 14th 1984

Trev Rolfe commentated that “he’d never seen a train pass through Amersham so fast, normals diving for cover, papers flying everywhere” as 25042 and 25083 stormed South with the Capital City Transfer tour on April 14th 1984

Ian Windmill’s excellent phot of 45121 heading West through Winslow on the Bletchley – Oxford line with the “Mendip Artificer” tour on January 21st 1984

81007 takes a rest after roaring North with 1B09 1815 Euston – Northampton on January 23rd 1986

50’s have always been rare at London Euston, heres 50001 at the blocks with the “Pennine Forty farewell” tour on March 12th 1988

The legend that is “Sarah Siddons” at Uxbridge with the “Metro Gnome” Railtour on May 7th 1994

By 2004 the vile “Pendolino” introduction was underway and turns like 1S47 0620 Euston – Glasgow didnt have long lleft with locos like 90015 atop. Taken from Tunnel Hill loking South towards Linslade on an already warm July 1st 2004

Thanks to Andrew Chambers for this 2005 view at Millbrook on the Bletchley – Peak Forest stone empties with 60020 on the Bletchley – Bedford branch on October 26th 2013

Thanks to Jim Deane for this Wolverton view of the legendary “Redgauntet” 87026 on an up 325 mail unit drag on December 21st 2005

“Tram” meets “Pendo” at bridge 139, Old Linslade on July 6th 2010

The “bubble” era was still in its prime in ths view of 55034 on a Risboro – Aylesbury from high on Pulpit Hill in the Chilterns on December 12th 2011

The snow was thick over Rannoch and 67004 has brought a good bit off the hills into a snow free Fort William with 1S25 on January 22nd 2013

Mark Beal ‘s nightime classic of 85006 on Barrow Hill on December 6th 2013

TC’s” Oakley view on 60059 on the Colnbrook – Lindsey empty tanks on July 26th 2005

0A06 Crewe – Wembley often produces a small convoy but on April 7th 2015 Old Linslade saw 92042 dragging 92031, 92024, 92002 and 67026 South, 92002 and 92024 being destined for export

4L89 Coatbridge – Felixstowe “Up Scotch” liners during the first lockdown was often routed on the up fast and 30 early, 86639, 86632, 86627 and 86605 the up front power at Ledburn on May 5th 2020

Good to hear the sound of a hard working 40145 on the up fast at Ledburn with a return Oban – Euston “Hoskinsex” on March 8th 2021

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