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August 14th update

25048 and 25245 at Kettering with the enjoyable “Bedford Bricker” Railtour on October 29th 1983, a Dave Spencer phot. Full tour report and more here

After a 2 year absence locally, good to see 92028 at Ledburn with 1M16 up Caledonian sleeper on August 5th 2022

Looking good 86259 passes Linslade allotments with a Cumbrian kettlex on August 6th 2022

July 30th update

Thrash machine, 24081 at Cheltenham after working the 1115 from Broadway on July 29th 2022

A first for the Glos-Warks in a visiting Deltic, 55019 awaits the RA from Gotherington with the 0930 Toddington – Cheltenham on July 29th 2022

Looking and sounding good 67007 approaches Leighton with Wembley – Burton emcars on July 25th 2022

Many will remember 67007 as very much a Scottish skip seen here with 1M16 sleepers at Inverness on January 20th 2011

“Big purple” 87002 passes Charlies Pond at Bridego Bridge with a down Wolves on December 19th 2004

Viewed from distant hills 56301 crosses Marsh Crossing South of Aylesbury with spoil empties from Calvert on February 27th 2015

Swansea in the sun as 37185 waits departure time with the 1810 to Milford Haven on May 28th 1977

Thanks to “Red Cow” for this cracking image of former Floyd grid 56101 now M62 265 stabled in the sun at Tapolca, Hungary on July 24th 2022

June 23rd update

A rare “pair” of 60s through Leighton with 60028 and 60029 on the Chaddesdon – Wembley spoil empties on June 16th 2022. 60029 had failed earlier in the week

In strong winter sun 81006 awaits departure time with 1L00 Euston – Edge Hill footex on January 11th 1986. This QPR football special saw them loose 3-2 to Everton in an exciting game.

47222 “Appleby-Frodingham” at Stafford on Sunday August 26th’s 1984 1140 Manchester – Gatwick was a very rare working for this Immingham based class 47. This Eastern loco is clean unlike most of her grubby Midland class mates.

March 5th update

Steve Chapman’s excellent view of large logo 56048 on the ARC with the frozen grand Union canal underneath on March 11th 1985. Steve has kindly a whole load of ARC photos which we will upload shortly, ta Steve

Steve Chapman’s home station of Wolverton before the station buildings on the footbridge were demolished, with 310094 on the 1730 Birmingham – Euston on August 22nd 1985

A very rare Wolverton visitor caught by Steve Chapman with 73130 awaiting a return from Wolverton Works dragging a Southern unit after attention in October 85

87002 looking good howling North with an LSL Euston – Inverness tour just South of Leighton on February 26th 2022

The blossom is out at a drizzly Ledburn to welcome 90042 and 90015 on 4L89 “Up Scotch” liners on March 4th 2022

February 6th update

For a few months 1B08 1744 Euston – Nortampton “Cobbler” was formed of Mk IId/e stock off a Blackpool – Euston. On April 26th 1983 85014 is the roaring beast up front on B08

As we all know “roarers” rarely failed! After 85020 “bursted” at Leighton with 1O28 0749 Liverpool – Dover, 86425 on a following service eventually propelled the failure and 2 trainloads to Watford (23 miles) where 47612 took over the Dover train on June 7th 1986

DC Rail’s 60028 thumps through Leighton with Wembley – Burton loaded spoil on January 14th 2022

Sometimes an 88 but on January 14th 2022 66430 produced on the Daventry – Tilbury “Tesco train” at Old Linslade

90008 on 90005 pass Leighton with 4L91 Trafford Pk – Felixstowe on January 19th 2022

HST power cars 43274 and 43257 pass Leighton on a Derby – Eastleigh move on January 19th 2022

January 1st update

Mike Lewis captures 37521 in green livery passing the old carriage sidings at Bedford dragging a new 720 unit (720530) as 5Q90 1022 Derby – Wembley on December 30th 2021

Mike captures the tail loco 37688 tailing the 6Q90 consist over the Ouse river in Bedford, December 30th 2021

LSL hire ins (by GBRf) in 37521 approaches Leighton with 6Q90 on December 30th 2021

A very smart 37688 tails 6Q90 through Leighton on December 30th 2021

Booked power in 1990 sees 37687 and 37676 power through Nuneaton with the Bletchley – Peak Forest stone empties on May 12th 1990

December 18th update – 5 classic local views from Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman captures class 302 and 309 units at Wolverton works Open day of August 21st 1976 with the famous Works chimney featuring too!

A wow image from Steve Chapman of 85008 on the down Slow approaching Watford Jn on May 12th 1985

Steve catches 81012 nicely at Northampton with 1B09 “Cobbler” the 1815 ex Euston on September 23rd 1985

The “Peak Forest – Bletchley ” stone flow as captured by Steve Chapman hasa long hisory with 47196 at Northampton on September 26th 1985

31s on the Wolverton ARC were rare, here Steve Chapman captures 31202 and 31259 about to return West on October 14th 1985. Much more ARC bits here

December 5th update

86211 on the 0250 Crewe – Preston portion at Crewe on November 26th 1983. Sadly 86211 and 86429 were written off in the fatal rail crash at Colwich in November 86

Dave Spencer catches 31452 arriving at Ridgmont with the 0946 Bedford – Bletchley on April 1st 1999

Dave Spencer catches 31468 leaving Woburn Sands tailing the 0946 Bedford – Bletchley on April 1st 1999

Lying snow in November is a rare event at Old Linslade and it helps to illuminate 319216, 219 and 220 on the booked 12 car 0753 Bletchley – Euston on November 29th 2021

In steady drizzle and a cold wind the grey scene at Grove, South of Leighton is added to by 60046 throbbing North with Wembley – Burton spoil empties on December 3rd 2021

What must rate as South London’s finest station with its junctions and old buildings Crystal Palace sees “swamp unit” 455802 arriving on a London Bridge – Beckenham Jn working on December 4th 2021

November 20th update – 10 new photos added

A familiar site on route 89. 33062 at Bath with the 1205 Cardiff – Portsmouth H on April 6th 1984

1A76 the 1730 Birmingham – Euston was unusual as it was loco hauled on a normal solid unit told. The rumour was that it was hauled to placate BR staff relocated to Brum from London. 3 years of loco haulage ended on May 10th 1985 with 85011 arriving at the Keynes with the final hauled 1A76

With a good trailing load, 47513 passes Old Linslade with a return Wembley – Nottingham League Cup final footex on April 12th 1992

92011 roaring gently passes Leighton with the Irvine – Dollands Moor china clay empties on June 20th 2014

92010 approaches a grey Ledburn with 1M16 up Caledonian sleeper short formed to 12 coaches on October 28th 2021

ROG Ronnie 57312 throbs through Leighton on a Derby – Wembley light engine move on October 28th 2021

The LBNGR is severed on November 7th 2021. Yet more housing on green belt countryside means the LBNGR will be realigned to swing right through under the bridge seen in the distance, this loss of open country running will be a big loss to the LBNGR

Lovely soft light, Autumn colours and frost create a nice scene for 66556 passing on 4L89 Up Scotch liners on November 16th 2021

73964 tails a Tonbridge – Gillingham Network Rail test train through New Eltham on November 17th 2021

Our unique 12 car diagram is seen at Grove with 319433, 319215 and 319216 working the 0753 Bletchley – Euston on November 18th 2021

August 15th update – 5 new photos added

Personally i think the GBRf liveried 92’s like 92043 look far better on the Sleepers than their sleeper blue classmates, 92043 approaches Ledburn with 1M16 “Highland sleeper” the units headlights it is being checked for reflected on the stock, August 13th 2021

The Chiltern loco hauled set still serve “shacks”, here 68010 powers away after making the booked stop at Jewellry Quarter with the 0716 Stourbridge Jn – Marylebone on August 11th 2021

Mark Beal’s nice image of 47598 at Bletchley about to drag the 0700 Manchester – Euston forward on September 22nd 1991. More photos and gen on this days drags here

45123 returns North through Leighton after working an up Sunday morning drag with a 310 unit and the now removed station footbridge standing proud on November 10th 1985

the late Tony Ewer catches 25279 in the snow at Dunstable with the return cement empties to Northfleet on February 19th 1986

July 25th update – 9 new photos added

Thanks to Mark Beal for this image of 50007 and 50049 heading North through Wolverton with 0Z50 Stewarts Lane – Kidderminster on July 4th 2021

Mark Beal captures 57314 with 57313 with 5Z35 1918 Northampton – Southall ECS at Castlethorpe on July 4th 2021

Mark Beal captures the Royal train en route from Windsor to Wolverton works at Ledburn on July 8th 2021. This was after Her Majesty had visited Manchester.

Mark Beal captures 69002 being dragged by 66716 from Tonbridge to Longport through Portway, Milton Keynes on July 18th 2021

Thanks to Mark for his excellent phots

Growling away nicely, 37608 (formerly 37022) passes Linslade allotments en route from Leicester to Wembley on July 21st 2021

On July 22nd 2021 37610 (formerly 37181) and 37612 (formerly 37179) now HRNC locos at Cambridge with an afternoon test train to Yarmouth

Friday July 23rd 2021 may have seen the last regular 12 car 319 operation locally due service cuts. 319012, 319218 and 319457 scream out of Cheddington with the 1824 Euston – Northampton, this services last day of operation

66104 looking very smart with red liveried sand hoppers from Angerstein to Hither Green approach Sidcup on July 24th 2021

Vintage Cambridge, 37050 arrives with a Kings Lynn – Liverpool St service on November 27th 1981

July 5th update -5 new phots added

On what seems the 50th consecutve overcast morning heres 92033 heading South with 1M16 “Caledonan sleeper” from Inverness/F.William/Aberdeen on July 9th 2021

47727 drags 360113 from Cricklewood to Northampton TMD through Leighton for an exam on July 6th 2021

37884 the former South Wales steamer 37183 stabled at Stonebridge Park HS on July 5th 2021

A smart DB liveried combination of 60001 and 6H33 Luton – Peak Forest stone e’s on July 3rd passing Ampthill.Thanks to “TC” for the phot

Shunters were always very rare at Leighton, but on occasions one would assist with engineering work such as this October 1983 view of 08629 near Soulbury Road Bridge , Leighton

One of the few AC electric hauled MGR services at the time, 86314 passes Leighton with the Daw Mill – Tring Cutting loaded MGR’s which the can would have worked from Nuneaton or Rugby on March 7th 1983

June 26th update – 8 new photos added

Ian Windmill’s superb Swanbourne view of 37130 and 37135 passing with the Bristol Parkway – Wolverton ARC on June 16th 1982

40006 at Llandudno Jn with the 0900 York – Llandudno on July 24th 1982

Mark Beal captures 43046 at Grimsbury Green, Banbury with 1Z14 0649 Bristol – Carlisle charter, some 60 late on June 12th 2021

37057 with 37116 tailing thunders through Hanslope with 1Q28 1428 Derby – Derby via Euston on June 15th 2021. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

70002 and 66606 head the “Jumbo train” empties through Hanslope as 6Z89 Wembley – Tunstead on June 15th 2021. A Mark Beal photo with thanks

37884 drags presumably failed 319215 and 319012 through Hanslope with 5N37 1743 Watford Jn – Northampton on June 22 2021. A Mark Beal phot

Double tango liveried 90048 (Wolverton repaint) and 90014 head South through Ledburn with 4L89 Coatbridge – Felixstowe “Up Scotch” liners on June 23rd 2021

73’s under power through Leighton are a rare sound, here 73201 thumps through Leighton with 73141 and 66711 in tow on a Wolverton – Eastleigh light turn on June 23rd 2021

June 6th update – 7 new phots

Thanks to Neil Evans for this image of 85014 at Northampton after working 1N33 1714 Euston – Northampton evening Cobbler on July 19th 1988

Thanks to Mark Beal for this image of 90029 at Milton Keynes with a Charter for Ednburgh on August 11th 2001

Switched to the fast line at Ledburn 66783 with 73212 and 73213 top and tailing 2 “Plastic pig” units through Leighton on May 28th 2021

Thanks to Mark Beal for this view of ex Inverness 08 08754 shunting redundant 2402 into the Works at Wolverton on May 28th 2021

Thanks to “TC” for this view of June 1st’s 1M16 sleeper with 92043 powering up the ECML at Sandy’s New Zealand bridge

Thanks to Mark Beal for this image of 86259 rounding Wolverton’s curve with the Euston – Carlisle with the late running Cumbrian Mountain Express on May 22nd 2021

The only ever time i bailed at little Dalmally (North of Edinburgh) after 26031 had been failed with low power on the 0836 Edinburgh – Kircaldy on August 22nd 1986. All was not lost as 26011 soon arrived to return us to Edinburgh! Much more of the Summer 86 Kircaldies fun and games here

May 29th update 7 photos added

60046 William Wilberforce and 60028 pass Wolverton with 0D60 1100 Willesden DCR to Chaddeston on May 8th 2021. A Mark Beal photo recvd with thanks

60100 Midland railway – Butterley passing a very wet Millbrook on the MML with 6H70 1633 Luton Limbury Road – Peak forest on May 8th 2021. A Mark Beal photo recvd with thanks

A week later and a very lucky patch of sun catches 60074 passing Oakley on May 15th 2021 with 6H70 1633 Luton Limbury Road – Peak Forest. A Mark Beal photo recvd with thanks

Nice light at Old Linslade as 319216 and 319215 pass with 2B14 0739 Bletchley – Euston on May 25th 2016

Taken from a passing train on May 27th 2021 a real relic at North Wembley with a sign saying “electric trains no access to BOC sidings” many years after the BOC terminal closed. The BOC trains are featured here

With an “Undesiro” unit doing its best to get in the way, a fast line run for 66783 with 73212 and 73213 topping a tailing 2 plastic pig units on a Bournemouth – Wolverton move on May 28th 2021

A blast from the past, Bletchley HS on January 14th 1984 with former “terrible ten” then Eastfield and finally Crewe based 25064 stabled with 2 classmates

May 8th update – 8 new photos added

The 3 day May Bank holiday blockade locally saw a  covered box/tunnel built over the WCML as progress with the East West link continues apace.  On May 7th 2021 350374 and 350121 pass under the new structure at Bletchley.

Large logo heaven as 37407 Blackpool Tower, carrying the DRS LONDON ON A MISSION headboard leads 37402 Stephen Middlemore 23.12.1954 – 8.6.2013 passes Castlethorpe on 25 April 2021 running as 0Z37 1433 Willesden Brent – Crewe Gresty Bridge. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

ROG threesome as 37510 Orion + 37611 Pegasus lead two ROG barriers departing Bletchley on 30 April 2021 on the 5M59 1634 Bletchley – Leicester LIP. Stablemate 37601 Perseus is on the rear. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

90044/006 Castlethorpe 19 April 2021 4M87 1113 Felixstowe – Trafford Park, Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

43102 The Journey Shrinker 148.5 MPH The Worlds Fastest Diesel Train passes Oakley on 19 April 2021 on the rear of the 1B69 1745 Nottingham – St Pancras International. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

With the forthcoming termination of EMR HST operation on the MML in mid May, a taster of what could have been if HST’s were to continue in service with EMR. On her first day in traffic in EMR livery, 43274 passes Oakley on 14 April 2021 heading away from camera on the 1B69 1745 Nottingham – St Pancras International. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

With track machines 73110 + 77908 in tow, 56302 PECO The Railway Modeller 2016 70 Years passes Wolverton on 16 April with the 6Z58 1015 Guide Bridge – Dollands Moor. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

 A nice classic view of Bletchley flyover with the lifted bridge section of the old flat jn line also in camera as 47212 crosses with a down stone train from the Western in September 1978. Thanks to Ian Windmill for the photo. This photo is also featured in our new freight trains remembered archive

May 1st update – 10 new photos added

Classic route 62, 33116 at Woking with the 1010 Waterloo – Salisbury on April 19th 1986

150284 arrives at a sunny Tondu with a Maesteg – Cardiff  service on March 15th 2015. The rusty line on the left leads to Margam, this line was once popular with FGW diversions

Classic WCML workhorse 81007 roars off the blocks at Euston on February 10th 1989, this fine machine (my favourite fish) was withdrawn 8 months later to roar no more.


The Newspaper dock at Luton station meets its sad end on October 4th 2011. This dock had 2 busy sidings busy with mail and newspaper traffic until the early 90’s. A Robin Morel phot.  

Scottish syphons 37154 and 37155 outside Motherwell depot on a grey October 1st 1983

319218 and 319216 arrive at Cheddington with the 1630 Euston – Northampton on April 26th 2021. This and the 0736 Bletchley – Euston are the sole main line class 319 turn currently

Not the most common 92 on sleeper duties 92006 is reflected on still, slightly misty canal waters with 1M16 2045 Inverness/Aberdeen – Euston “Caledonian Sleeper” on a frosty April 30th 2021

Always rare through Leighton both in BR and on today’s railway but heres 20132 and 20118 approaching Leighton Buzzard with a Chaddeston – Wembley translator move on April 12th 2021


Guy Kendrick captures 90035 and Mk IIIs on a late afternoon Birmingham – Euston (vice Pendo) turn at Milton Keynes on May 13th 2009

Ghosts in the machine, a 1964 Midland maroon enamel gantry sign at Leighton station (40 miles from Euston) on November 29th 2011

April 7th update – 5 new images

With Haddenham & Thame Parkway station in the background and carrying a SLC Operations headboard 20142 SIR JOHN BETJEMAN + 20007 head south with the 5Q20 0953 Eastleigh Arlington – West Ruislip LUL Depot on April 5th 2021. The consist comprises former LMS inspection vehicle 45029, 17 Florence Nightingale and the former class 438 LT 4TC unit 76324 + 70823 + 71163 + 76297. The train is seen passing the remains of the old Haddenham station platforms to the left. This station closed on 7 January 1963 whilst the present station was opened on 5 October 1987. Thanks to Mark Beal for the photo

After a heavy snow shower the previous evening Old Linslade looks a wintry picture as 92018 passes right time with 1M16 Caledonain Sleeper fro Inverness and Edinburgh on April 7th 2021

E27000 back in Holland for the NS 150 celebrations the EM2 is working the “Tilburg Tommy” tour on July 8th 1989. An Ian Saunders phot

Sarah Siddons no 12 on a Chesham – Watford West special at Rickmansworth on July 9th 1989.An Ian Saunders photo

Happy days on “route 89” 33019 leaves Salisbury on October 19th 1985 working 1V24 1010 Portsmouth – Bristol

Hymek 7068 at Bristol Bath Road in October 1972

The mighty “Nimbus” 55020 on an up service at Doncaster on June 20th 1977

Ian Windmill captures the drama of a return Adex behind 85012 which has caught fire and has been split as the fire brigade douse the flames,taken from Tunnel Hill on May 24th 1978

Let the thrash begin, due to a wires down at Ledburn its drag time! 25276 will drag 87030 on the delayed 1015 Manchester – Euston to Hemel on January 14th 1984

Trev Rolfe commentated that “he’d never seen a train pass through Amersham so fast, normals diving for cover, papers flying everywhere” as 25042 and 25083 stormed South with the Capital City Transfer tour on April 14th 1984

Ian Windmill’s excellent phot of 45121 heading West through Winslow on the Bletchley – Oxford line with the “Mendip Artificer” tour on January 21st 1984

81007 takes a rest after roaring North with 1B09 1815 Euston – Northampton on January 23rd 1986

50’s have always been rare at London Euston, heres 50001 at the blocks with the “Pennine Forty farewell” tour on March 12th 1988

The legend that is “Sarah Siddons” at Uxbridge with the “Metro Gnome” Railtour on May 7th 1994

By 2004 the vile “Pendolino” introduction was underway and turns like 1S47 0620 Euston – Glasgow didnt have long left with locos like 90015 atop. Taken from Tunnel Hill loking South towards Linslade on an already warm July 1st 2004

Thanks to Andrew Chambers for this 2005 view at Millbrook on the Bletchley – Peak Forest stone empties with 60020 on the Bletchley – Bedford branch on October 26th 2013

Thanks to Jim Deane for this Wolverton view of the legendary “Redgauntet” 87026 on an up 325 mail unit drag on December 21st 2005

“Tram” meets “Pendo” at bridge 139, Old Linslade on July 6th 2010

The “bubble” era was still in its prime in ths view of 55034 on a Risboro – Aylesbury from high on Pulpit Hill in the Chilterns on December 12th 2011

The snow was thick over Rannoch and 67004 has brought a good bit off the hills into a snow free Fort William with 1S25 on January 22nd 2013

Mark Beal ‘s nightime classic of 85006 on Barrow Hill on December 6th 2013

TC’s” Oakley view on 60059 on the Colnbrook – Lindsey empty tanks on July 26th 2005

0A06 Crewe – Wembley often produces a small convoy but on April 7th 2015 Old Linslade saw 92042 dragging 92031, 92024, 92002 and 67026 South, 92002 and 92024 being destined for export

4L89 Coatbridge – Felixstowe “Up Scotch” liners during the first lockdown was often routed on the up fast and 30 early, 86639, 86632, 86627 and 86605 the up front power at Ledburn on May 5th 2020

Good to hear the sound of a hard working 40145 on the up fast at Ledburn with a return Oban – Euston “Hoskinsex” on March 8th 2021

lud 100321

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