Early turn at Ledburn, July 29th 2021

Early turn at Ledburn, Thursday July 29th 2021

As i arrived at the gate leading to bridge 129 at Ledburn i was withered by 90043 and 90045 heading South with 4L91 Trafford Pk – Felixstowe at 0548. Still at least it wasn’t 1M11 which had been delayed in the Nuneaton area

The morning was breezy, chilly but clear, a classic Ledburn morning perhaps? For the 0555-0725 session i have phots of the more interesting traffic below, yes there were also the usual 350, 377s and rancid Pendos and Voyagers too!

Nice light at 0555 as 66757 heads North with the early Felixstowe – Hams Hall

The wildlife viewed included deer, rabbits and this noisy flock of geese heading West

Delayed in the Nuneaton area heres 92020 with 1M11 2340 Glas/Edin – Euston “Caledonian Sleeper”.

A train that used to often delay my commute!, 66739 with the Hams Hall – Felixstowe liners

319’s diagrams locally are now down to just 2 up peak and 2 down peak 8 car turns. 319013 and 319217 scream past Ledburn with the 0634 Bletchley – Euston

92033 eases up to a red at Ledburn Jn roaring nicely with 1M16 up “Highlander” right time too. Realtime Trains was showing this train as cancelled, a rare glitch.

With 1M16 stopping at a red to let the unit out on the UF the full stock consist could be photted

66701 heads North with the early morning Felixstowe – Trafford Pk

The last turn viewed, 90044 and 90041 head North with 4M45 Felixstowe-Garston


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