Strike day power variety, Feb 23

The recent driver’s strikes have given a very different WCML scene. Gone are the rancid 350’s and 390’s disturbing the peace and getting in the way, its just freight and more freight.

Given a blast of fast line running and passing Leighton over an hour early, 90044 and 90048 head North with 4M87, 010223

Absolutely storming through Leighton is 47727 dragging 720119 from Derby to Wembley on 010223. 47739 had passed North on a Wembley – Leicester move earlier

You could hear this beast on approach a good few minutes before 56091 stormed South with 6Z44 Burton – Wembley spoil e’s on 010223

92014 heads South past Linslade allotments with 1M16 up sleeper about an hour down on on 030223

69002 and 69004 ease through Leighton en route as 0Z69 from Tonbridge to Longport on 030223

The tree at Old Linslade enjoying the peace and quiet of a Pendo free WCML on 030223

66620 with stone empties from Wembley to Peak Forest, 030223

90041 and 90048 look good on 4M87 at Old Linslade on 030223

720121 on test works a Crewe – Wembley test run pass South through Old Linslade, 030223


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