12 car 319’s return

On Monday September 6th a 12 car 319 diagram returned to the WCML. When 319457/218/012 worked the final 1824 Euston – Northampton and 319013/214/005 worked the 1834 Euston – Bletchley back on July 23rd 2021 we thought that as that for our local “unique” 12car 319 diagrams. 12 car 319 never worked service trains on Thamelink and never on Northern, we think

319219 leads the inaugural September 6th 12 car turn through Ledburn on the new booked turn the 0753 Bletchley – Euston

The 12 car pm does 2 peak hour return Watfords before returning on the 1838 Euston – Bletchley. True to form the pm turns were caped on 6/9 and 7/9 but 8/9 saw 319433, 218 and 429 howling North doing a creditable Chedd – Leighton start to stop of 4m 24sec on Friday 10th.

Rake our 319s in while you can!!!

Local class 319 diagrams here


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