Feanor the LBNGR’s finest

LBNGR diesel power,  “Feanor”


Built at the Motorail works in Bedford this 50hp Dorman 3LA machine was delivered as a hire loco in 1956. Upgraded to 60hp with a Dorman 3LB engine the loco was to become a resident of what was to become British Industrial Sands at Middleton (nr Kings Lynn) in 1964.  Transfer to the LBNGR came in 1980. No 18 “Feanor” was rebuilt with a larger cab and closed bonnet with “basic air brakes” eventually fitted. “Feanor” was to be largely a standby engine but did regularly feature in booked diesel turns such as in March/October 1987-1998 along with 43/44.

The arrival of 4wDH “Beaudesert” on the LBNGR in 1999 with its 112hp capacity saw “Feanor” relegated to secondary turns, especially PW jobs on an increasingly steam obsessed LBNGR.  Odd outings saw a few enjoy the immense noise this fine machine generates usually accompanied by healthy clag!

A sickly “Beaudesert” on 28th March 2004 expired at Shenley Hill crossing with the 1305 Stonehenge-Pages Park , “Feanor”  dragged the failure back to Stonehenge and then  worked through to the Park. “Feanor” was joined by “Creepy” to do the remainder of the days trips – Creepy being “officially air braked”…Phots below. ”PB” advised that “Feanor” was louder than the “grid” on the 56 farewell tour the day before!

“Beaudesert” took a dislike the cold weather of February 19th 2012 and “Feanor” was eventually dispatched from Stonehenge to work push pull with the Hunslet on Pages Park – Leedon on all 4 round trips.

Sadly since then “Feanor” has unfortunately been largely kept off passenger work but has again assisted the odd steam failure but remains a performer on the “Monday Gang” PW train. She spent much of 2016 – 2020 out of sight awaiting attention and it was a nice suprise to see “Feanor” in daylight on Stonehenge on May 30th 2021. “Feanor” a true local legend…………………………….

Thanks to “PB” for much of the gen and phots

Feanor phot – spot  

After a long spell inside the shed being overhauled it was good to see “Feanor” again at Stonehenge on May 30th 2021

 Feanor returns to passenger action after Beaudesert collapsed as detailed in the text above. Seen at Pages Park on February 19th 2012 with Leedon shuttles.

 Behind the sand hoppers, “Feanor” on shed at Stonehenge, May 22nd 2011

 2 views from “PB” of Feanor assisting the “Monday gang”  with scrub clearance from the meadow on Vandyke Jn near the junction for the old Chamberlains Barn system on October 12th 2009

 The long wait was well worth the 10 minute plus audio performance “Feanor” gave on approach and passing with a Stonehenge-Pages Park PW train on February 15th 2009 at “Cavalry Horse crossing” on Vandyke Rd,  North of Leighton

 Freezin “Feanor” stabled at Stonehenge with a PW train on a frosty December 7th 2008.


 “Stonehenge to the rescue”, Feanor brings a failed Beaudesert ( a machine 45 years younger than Feanor) into Pages Park with a very late 1305 ex Stonehenge on 28th March 2004

 The October diesel turns in 1993 were solid “Feanor” rosters back then, heres a vintage view of “Feanor” awaiting passengers at Pages Park on October 17th 1993

“Feanor” a true local legend.

Thanks to “PB” for much of the gen and phots


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