The Laverstock looper, Oct 86

The Laverstock Looper ticket issued for October 18th 1986, gripped as well

The “Laverstock looper” remembered, October 1986

Back in 1986 the resourceful, enthusiastic  Salisbury Area Manager Gerald Daniels and his team organised a series of events in October 86 to  celebrate the recent line improvements on the Salisbury – Exeter line a series of “Blackmore Vale Express” steam specials, a down platform filled with enthusiast based trade stalls and the memorable “Laverstock looper” shuttles.

On Saturdays and Sundays from October 4th to October 26th, a class 08/09 and 4TC operated 4 round trips round the Laverstock loop. The shuttles departed Salisbury around 1310, 1400, 1510 and 1600 on a Tunnel Jn, Laverstock South Jn, Laverstock North, Tunnel Jn and Salisbury giving approx 2.41 miles of shunter haulage for just a pound! The reinstated Laverstock S – N cord was reopened in Summer 81 but this almost certainly was the first shunter passenger operation on a route normally reserved for class 33 hauled diversions.  

The TC’s used included 431 and 8011.The shunters included 08929 and 09026

October 4th/5th saw 08929 feature on the “Laverstock looper”.

October 11th/12th, 18th/19th 24th/25th saw 09026 featuring.

Tony Ewer photted 08929 with 4TC 431 shunting the set from platform 3 to 4 prior to working the 1510 Laverstock Looper on October 5th 1986

09026 at Salisbury prior to working the 1310 “Laverstock Looper” with 4TC 8011 on October 18th 1986

Tony Ewer catches 09026 which has been turned using a previous looper is photted at Salisbury prior to working the 1600 Laverstock looper on October 25th 1986

The late Tony Ewer catches 33110 and 4TC 8012 on the 1010 ex Waterloo at Salisbury with one of the many trade stalls on the platform during this busy October for Salisbury station. Taken on October 25th 1986

1986 the railway was changing but the chances of such a repeat in the privitised era are, as we all know, zero..Progress eh!


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