September 4th 1982 remembered

Saturday September 4th 1982 remembered

I left the house late at 0455, it was a 15 minute down hill sprint to the station and the “milk empties” usually left around 0510. So i jogged down the hill to the station, Adidas bag swinging, i heard nothing so i thought i’d made it and on seeing the station “night watchman” Jock waiting on the platform by the steps, i knew i’d made it. Seconds later 85010 roared in on the usual load 3, (2 vans and a BSK) we joined the empty BSK , Jock advising it had been quiet once the papers had been offloaded and he fed “the wee mouses!” that lived on the down slowline.

A short wait at Bletchley and our 310 unit soon arrived, Jock joining me again and as booked the unit stopped at Denbigh Hall Jn to allow Jock to bail out. Happened most mornings all very routine.

Doss followed but i awoke by Cov to leap off to endure 86240 on the Manchester. At New St 31299 and 31325 were viewed on the Yarmouth, knowing they should return late afternoon. I had planned to do the 0740 Aber forward which got 25259/25285 from Wolves.

The monstrous 47376 once of Knottingley but now Immingham at New St with the 0815 Wolves – Portsmouth H on September 4th 1982

When the monstrous ex Knottingley (IM by 1982) 47376 rolled in i couldn’t flag this monster, the old Knottingley duffs had an aura of huge rarity about them. A short 8 mile run to Solihull for a DMU back but having missed the Aber it was a tram to Derby.

The annual works open day was on , spotters were everywhere but it was a good few bashers who cheered on joining 37228 on the York – Tenby. This comfortably made the “12 o’clock rats” 25298 and 25322 off New St and as usual was a complete wedge out with bashers everywhere!

Spotters everywhere at Open day Derby as 37228 arrives with the York – Tenby

A disappointing “roarer bowler” in 86324 back to New St to view the afternoon procession of Northbound Inter Regionals. 31303 was joined on a Norwich to Nuneaton for Canton xos monster 47232 to Leicester. 47335 forward from Leicester for crash rebuild 47190 on the Llandudno – Notts ex Long Eaton, i was hoping for a “rat” on this.

From Leicester it was the big “peds” viewed that morning back to Nuneaton (31299/31325) where i flagged 303050 on the up Trent Valley flyer as the following Llandudno – Euston was a good bet for a roarer, to much disappointment 86224 produced. A 310 unit home from Rugby there was time to reflect on a good day of varied Summer Saturday power of which 10 were new! Happy days on the “Mid”

303050 was unfortunately flagged at Nuneaton for the following Ludo – Euston which got a rancid can!

Former Liverpool St – Gidea park unit 306050 at Leicester awaiting scrapping at Berry’s

85010    2A23 0350 Euston-Bletchley                                            L.Buzzard – Bletchley

EMU      0435 Euston-Birmingham                                                 Bletchley – Coventry

86240    1H03 0726 Coventry-Manchester                                   Coventry – New St

47091    1O01 0600 Derby-Poole

47490    1V58 0835 Birmingham-Padd

31299}  1E62 0804 Birmingham-Yarmouth


47376    1O05 0815 Wolverhampton-Portsmouth H                  New St – Solihull

DMU      0825 Leamington-Moor St                                          Solihull – Moor St

47353    1E64 1015 Birmingham-Yarmouth

31262    1M30 0740 Norwich-Birmingham

31161    1M67 1133 Norwich-Birmingham                                                                  

47320    1O09 0833 Nottingham-Poole

47218    1O11 0710 Bradford-Weymouth

47290    1O03 0720 Liverpool-Weymouth

47533    1O74 0730 Manchester-Brighton

47560    1S61 0650 Padd-Edin/Glas

50032    1M49 0745 Bristol-Manchester

37038    1P14 0855 Newcastle-Yarmouth

47235    1E23 0908 Tenby-York

45143    1V69 0656 Leeds-Newquay

HST        0652 Swansea-Newcastle                                                  New St – Derby

37228    1V22 0823 York-Tenby                                                   Derby – New St

25298}  1J24 1010 Euston-Aberystwyth                                     New St – Wolves


37174    1E83 0833 Derby-Yarmouth

86324    1A41 0930 Llandudno-Euston                                       Wolves – New St

45038    1E29 0900 Paignton-Sheffield

31303    1E66 1315 Birmingham-Norwich                                    New St – Nuneaton

31115    1M80 0949 Norwich-Birmingham                  

47232    1M81 0912 Poole-Nottingham                                         Nuneaton – Leicester

31164    1E34 0912 Manchester P-Yarmouth

31180    1P18 0810 Leeds-Yarmouth

40124    1E67 0818 Manchester-Skegness

47186    1E47 0739 Luton-Scarborough


47335    1E14 1020 Portsmouth-Leeds                                          Leicester – Nottingham

20157}  1M02 1235 Skegness-Leicester


DMU      1435 Lincoln-Derby                                                          Nottingham – Long Eaton

47190    1D17 1233 Llandudno-Notingham                               Long Eaton – Beeston

Recently ex works after a crash rebuild 47190 arrives at Long Eaton with the Ludo – Notts

DMU      1630 Nottingham-Leicester                                               Beeston – Leicester

31299}  1M68 1338 Yarmouth-Birmingham                                  Leicester – Nuneaton


303050-phot – Stafford – Rugby

86224    1A73 1608 Llandudno-Euston                                         Nuneaton – Rugby

31115    1E82 1818 Birmingham-Norwich

EMU      1838 Birmingham-Euston                                                 Rugby – L.Buzzard


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