Spa Valley Crompton Day , Sat September 4th 2021

33002 and 33063 thrashing nicely all day and evening!

33002 and 33063 arrive at a grey Eridge with the 0945 from Tunbridge Wells, Sep 4th 2021

After 33002 has been shunted into the siding at Eridge, 33063 works forward solo with the 0945 Tunbridge Wells – Eridge on September 4th 2021

33002 at Groombridge during a protracted stop due a medical emergency on the kettle, September 4th 2021

33002 again at the nice Groombridge station on September 4th 2021

As we await the 1650 cart to London Bridge 33002 makes a sprited departure with the 1640 Eridge – Tunbridge Wells on September 4th 2021

Not to be outdone 33063 was also thrashing away on the rear of the 1640 Eridge – Tunbridge Wells

Next 2 Crompton action at the Spa expected to be the beer festival on October 1st – 3rd 2021


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