LBNGR diesels return, Apr 22

An unadvertised apart from a Facebook posting on the day ( Saturday April 16th 2022) saw after a long, long gap advertised diesel power on LBNGR service trains. “Beaudersert” did the 1030 ex Pages Park with recently delivered NG51 working the 1125 return. This was the maiden service train for 51 at the LBNGR. 51 a Barclay beastie was formerly at the Bredgar and Wormshill Railway in Kent. All this variety was due to the booked kettle driver being unavailable.

51 then worked the 1230 and return to the Park, then the 1430 back to Stonehenge. “Beaudersert” then worked back to the Park. Great to sample the LBNGR with proper power once again and to rake in the new loop under the new roadbridge by Vandyke Road.

“Beaudesert” in the spring sun at Pages Park with the 1030 to Stonehenge on Saturday April 16th. An unavailable driver for the booked kettle meant a last minute diesel gala. Thanks to “PB” for the gen and phot

New resident Barclay 51 on the 1230 ex Pages Park, her second passenger turn on the LBNGR on April 16th 2022

24 with derailed trucks near Vandyke Road crossing at the entrance to Chamberlain’s Barn branch

Classic Simplex pairing 44 and 43 on Stonehenge works

A superb line up at Stonehenge of Simplex’s 30, 13 and 17

Showing her Bedford “Motor Rail” origins on a radiator

No 51 passes under the new bridge near Vandyke Road with the 1325 Stonehenge – Pages Park

Archive LBNGR views

Thrashing away like a good un the famous “Feanor” with an engineers train crosses “Cavalry Horse Crossing” on February 15th 2009. This section of the LBNGR has now been lifted as a new loop has been put in due yet more building work North of Leighton

For many, many years “Feanor” was the regular diesel power on many LBNGR trains, but by 2004 she was very rare on passenger. Thanks to “PB” for this rare view of “Feanor” dragging a failed “Beaudesert” on a late running 1125 Stonehenge – Pages Park, happy days on the LBNGR!


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