Holland day trip, Feb 94

Holland 12.02.1994 

Thanks to TC for the words, memories and phots

My first trip abroad was in 1986, to travel on the EM2 Farewell Tour. I went back in 1989 to do one of the tours to mark 150 years of Dutch railways, the tours where 1502 went back to Holland and worked a series of tours in BR Green.  After doing a couple of the “Werkgroup 1501” tours with their own EM2 1501, 1 decided I wanted a day or two bashing the other older Dutch electrics, the 1100’s 1200′ and 1300’s.

The idea behind this trip was a newspaper offer (two for one I think) on various ferry services, and after collecting the required number of tokens, I booked a return overnight crossing with a cabin between Harwich and Hoek van Holland. Along with Driver Phil, we set off on our first foreign bash. The validity for the Dutch trains was (I believe)  a two person day rover ticket 

For any boat cranks, we sailed on the “Koningen Beatrix” on Friday night, returning on the “St. Nicholas” on Saturday night.

We didn’t have any “gen” or loco diagrams as such, we knew the Zandvoort – Masstricht / Heerlen services were booked loco hauled and this provided a half hourly service between Zandvoort and Sittard. We also wanted a ride past the huge railway yards to the south of Rotterdam, which explains the move to Zwijndrecht. I had “borrowed” a fairly recent out of date Thomas Cooks European timetable from work to give us an idea of the train times.

Our method of operation was to catch the first train out, and then see what we passed. If it was an older electric we would work out what it came back on, and position ourselves for it.

Although we managed three 1200’s and a 1300, I noted that 1206, 1215 and 1315 were also out that day.

Friday 11th February 1994

86218                    18.55 Liverpool St – Harwich PQ                     Liverpool St. – Harwich PQ

Saturday 12th February 1994

4237+4246           08.00 Hoek van Holland – Amsterdam CS  

Hoek van Holland – Rotterdam CS                                28km    

1725                       07.39 Amsterdam CS – Breda                        

Rotterdam CS – Zwijndrecht                            18km

1703                       08.56 Breda – Amsterdam CS                         

Zwijndrecht – Haarlem                                      85km

1623                       10.26 Zandvoort – Heerlen                             

Haarlem – Amsterdam CS                                                19km

1219                       08.31 Maastricht – Zandvoort                        

Amsterdam CS – Zandvoort                             27km                    

1601                       11.56 Zandvoort – Maastricht                        

Zandvoort – Amsterdam CS                             27km

1212                       12.56 Zandvoort – Maastricht                        

Amsterdam CS – s’ Hertogenbosch                 87km

1651                       12.59 Heerlen – Zandvoort                              

s’ Hertogenbosch – Utrecht CS                         48km

1313                       14.26 Zandvoort – Heerlen                             

Utrecht CS – Eindhoven                                    80km

1216                       15.31 Maastricht – Zandvoort                        

Eindhoven – Amsterdam CS                            119km

1189                       18.25 Amsterdam CS – Brussells Midi           

Amsterdam CS – Rotterdam CS                      86km

2858                       20.10 Rotterdam CS – Hoek van Holland    

Rotterdham CS – Hoek van Holland              28km

Sunday 13th February 1994

Bus Replacement                                                                         Harwich PQ – Liverpool St.

319165                  10.00 Kings Cross Thameslink – Bedford      Kings Cross Thameslink – Bedford

TC’s Phots from the day

1623 at Amsterdam C with the 1026 Zandvoort – Heerlen

1219 at Zandvoort with the 0831 ex Maastricht

1601 at Amsterdam C with the 1156 Zandvoort – Maastricht

1144 at Amsterdam C with ECS

1313 at Eindhoven with the 1426 Zandvoort – Heerlen  

Thanks again to “TC” for the excellent write up


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