Ipswich loco stabling sidings 1982-2022

Ipswich loco stabling sidings

Watching locos moving off depots/stabling points from an adjoining station was once a common scene and pastime across the BR network. Sadly the days of non stop loco movements to or from their depots at the the likes of Bristol Temple Meads , Kings Cross, Derby or Inverness are long gone but Ipswich has bucked that trend.

Even Ipswich loco sidings as far as i know (can anybody confirm pls) can no longer fuel locos as a new depot is now operational near the junction with the Felixstowe line but both Freightliner diesel and electric locos continue to stable at the stabling sidings.

Formerly used for locos working passenger and a variety of GE freight trains this has changed to Freightliner locos since privitisation in the 90s. Ipswich loco stabling point has 7 roads although just 5 are currently used with no 7 road being the former inspection/pit road, plus 2 short fuelling sidings no longer used for fuelling since 2020.

Ipswich sidings have seen a great variety of power over the years also hosting both short wheelbase and bogie wheelbase oil tanks and the odd cripple coach or wagon. The variety in the 80’s included class 03, 08, 31, 37 and 47..

 the 90’s included class 08, 37, 47, 56

with more recent times seeing class 57, 66, 70, 86 and 90, long may it continue!

Part One phots – class 03-56

03086 and match truck are stabled at Ipswich with a long line of 31 and 37s behind her on October 16th 1982

The late Tony Ewer catches 08414 also displaying her original D3529 number behind the fueling area at Ipswich on October 30th 1993

Hired in 37610 and the nose of 37611 are stabled for the weekend on August 8th 1998

Real blue 37074 looking the part at Ipswich on October 16th 1982

47016 maintaining that Stratford tradition of keeping their locos clean are stabled at Ipswich on October 16th 1982

Class 56’s appeared on the Felixstowe – Ipswich section of many liner turns during the mid 90’s here in ghostly white undercoat 56041 comes off the stabling point on August 3rd 1996

The late Tony Ewer catches the noses of 56035, 56110 and 47142 on Ipswich on August 3rd 1996

Part Two featuring phots of class 66, 70, 86 and 90 stabled at at Ipswich to follow..

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