1015 and 1062 at the Valley, May 28th 2022

With the Gala crowds long gone it was time to enjoy some 1970’s nostalgia at the Severn Valley with 1015 and 1062 both rostered for 2 all day diagrams giving 4 seperate “Wizzo” Kiddy – Bridgnorth and back trips. The shortage of suitable coal has seen the SVR bring back the booked diesel turns big time until at least the end of September.

The early start and 2 hour plus journey on “Muppet Rail” was soon forgotten on seeing this fine spectacle. 1062 masquerading as 1040 “Western Queen” looking and sounding superb with the 0945 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth on Saturday May 28th 2022

A timeless scene 1062 arrives at the superbly kept Hampton Loade with the 1145 Bridgnorth – Kidderminster

1015 “Western Champion” arrives at Hampton Loade with the 1110 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth

Passing 40106 and 50044 on Kidderminster TMD

Having stopped for photos by the bride 1062 at Bridgnorth eases along the up platform

1062 prior to departure with the 1555 Bridgnorth – Kidderminster

Nice afternoon sun on 1015 as she arrives at Hampton Loade with the 1525 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth


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