85023 on the Saturday Cobblers, June 13th 1987

By June 87 my moves were severely restricted, in addition to the household chores we had a young baby to feed, denappy and keep entertained. Said baby was entertained that morning after shopping with a pushchair move to the station to watch the trains. This included 1B02 the 1110 Euston – Northampton Saturday Cobbler formed of a half rake of Mk 1’s which stopped at Leighton around 1145..

B02 or indeed any of the Saturday Cobblers could never be relied upon as solid roarer, more often than not they were cans. When the WCML was short of power or the right Controller was on, the roarers would produce on occasions on the Saturday Cobblers.

Well June 13th 1987 saw 85023 roar in on the 1110 Euston – Northampton, so on pushing baby back up the hill and home a short passout was negotiated.

The moves and other known Saturday Cobbler gen are listed below, a good afternoon out!

85023  1B02 1110 Euston-Northampton

85023  1A35 1302 Northampton-Euston                                                       LB-EU

85023  1B03 1650 Euston-Northampton                                                       EU-NO

85023  1A53 1830 Northampton-Euston                                                       NO-LB

85020  1B06 1810 Euston-Northampton

Phots from the afternoon…

85023 at the blocks at Euston having arrived with 1A35 1302 Northampton – Euston

Banished to the spare road at Euston between plat 15 and 16 are 81014, 85038 and 81007

83015 with a sleeper probably for attaching to the 18blip Euston – Blackpool for positioning

Looking a bit bare with no mid body inter city arrow 85032 is spare at Northampton

Roaring away nicely 85023 awaits the road with 1A53 1830 Northampton – Euston from Leighton Buzzard


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