The Rylstone Rambler Railtour, March 85

The Rylstone Rambler Railtour, Sat March 16th 1985

A 0645 Tour departure from New St meant the usual Crewe overnight. The booked very empty pair of 310s was joined around 2240 from Leighton with the usual power car screams and extreme heat. Rugby South bay saw us bail into the chill night air. Rugby as usual was busy with freight, van and overnight trains but unfortunately no “roarers” produced.

So we ( i was with Ian Smith, “the buzzard” of Cornish fame), joined, muttering like madman “rancid can, rancid can, rancid can…!!!”86213 for a short doss during the blast down the Trent Valley. At Crewe the buffet was busy with bashers, clubbers, drunks and bemused normals! Our stay at Crewe was shorter than expected as we noticed 85025 hovering and a Holyhead – Euston (via New St) Relief rolled in with 47523 powering. As expected 85025 replaced the 47 and 52.68 Roarer miles were enjoyed to New St

Old Landore boilered syphons 37186/37187 arrived virtually right time and we were soon away on a now busy train. Around 7am the atmosphere was understandably subdued. Burton, then Stenson Jn, then Toton where a decent pair of steaming rats took us forward. 25044 and required 25060 going forward 20 odd late to Worksop where they ran round before Tinsley, Wakefield Kirkgate and the depths of Healey Mills Yard.

25044 and 25060 running round the tour at Worksop

56075 looking tempting from the tour at Worksop

Many howls of anguish as the Eastern had supplied “rancid EH” 31461 and 31433 for what was to be our power for much of the Northern section of the tour. Despite the sunny weather the tour atmosphere remain subdued as our peds powered North to Skipton. The forwarding engine for the Rylstone branch was expected to be one or a pair of 25’s on Skipton loco sidings. Unfortunately our driver opted for 31248!

Still we enjoyed the single 31 powering the 12 mk i’s and idling 31’4’s on the rear with a good 25 minutes of solid, warbling thrash. We then stopped at what we believe were the Rylstone Tilcon depot gates before we returned to Skipton. The return route included a run round at Hellifield which offered a bail from the train for the first time since New St.

31461 and 31433 running round the tour at Hellifield

Copy Pit, then Hebden Bridge and back to Healey Mills where our rats took over. They were worked hard, reportedly hitting 92mph during fast running between Sheffield and Derby.  From Derby 37186 and 37187 replaced the flying rats and we bailed off, what at the time had been a very average tour at New St around 2010.

Yet another can in 86241 on a Holyhead – Euston to Coventry for 310092 home via Northampton. I had a short walk home, the Buzzard a long cycle to his Leagrave home, we were made of stronger stuff back then

Pre Tour Moves

                                                15/3/85 Fr

81021   1B07 1718 Euston-Northampton                  LB-MK

080       1627 Birmingham-Euston                              MK-LB

048}     2202 Euston-Rugby                                        LB-RU


                                                16/3/85 Sa

86213   1F53 2350 Euston-Manchester/Liverpool     RU-CR

85025    0100 Holyhead-Euston Relief                      CR-NS

86241    1A78 1620 Holyhead-Euston                       NS-CO

092        2021 Birmingham-Euston                             CO-LB

The Tour  Moves

 37186}  0250 Swansea-Hellifield Railtour                NS-TO


 25044} 0250 Swansea-Hellifield Railtour                 TO-HM


31461}              0250 Swansea-Hellifield Railtour                 HM-HM


 31248 0250 Swansea-Hellifield Railtour                   SK-RY

 25060} 1420 Hellifield-Swansea Railtour                 HM-DE

 25044 }

 37187 } 1420 Hellifield-Swansea Railtour                DE-NS

 37186 }

Other gen from the days

15th March 85 Fr

85019  1B09 1815 Euston-Northampton

86261  1S25 2240 Euston-Perth

16th March 85 Sa

86224  1S26 2330 Euston-Glasgow

86208  1G49 2320 Euston-Wolverhampton

86323   1S22 2335 Euston-Glasgow

47523  0100 Holyhead-Euston Relief

86257  1V62 2020 Aberdeen-Bristol

86215  1G00 0350 Crewe-Birmingham         

Organiser – Severnside Railtours

Ching – ??

Timekeeping 40 late max

Stock 12 x Mk I



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