Tees-Tyne Boggard Railtour, Oct 1984

Tees-Tyne Boggard Railtour, October 27th 1984

An early start saw me down at Leighton station around 5am to cover the “milk empties”. With me and railman Graham peering into the gloom, the wide lights meant it was a “rancid can”. So it was goodbyes to Graham and 86034 and after a long wait 310’s 072/049 took me South on the 0523 Bletchley – Euston.

At Kings Cross 47411, 47435 and 47586 were all at the blocks with overnights, 47466 was waiting time with a Carlisle bound “kettlex”. I joined the already busy tour in Coach G, i was solo on this tour but the three bashers round my table were soche. They advised bad news, the premium rate railtour info phone line had advised on the Friday that 40118 and 40181 were allocated for the tour, 40118 was required! Well the gen proved dud, 40122 (boring) had replaced a failed 40118!

Still we had a blast of mixed pair mileage to Toton with 31222 and a required 37263 powering along the ECML before Worksop and Toton where 40122 and 40181 replaced the mixed pair. The tour atmosphere was now superb, we had over 400 miles behind a pair of 40 mileage to enjoy. The highlight of much freight lineage was the York Avoiding line also the Tyne Bridges. Hogging our droplight coach windows when it was light were 2 elderly enthusiasts who proceeded to photo every signal box (ECML electrification was coming) en route rather than simply bellow!  

40181 and 40122 at Nottingham with the Tees Tyne Boggard Railtour

As we whistled along the York avoiding line, we pass 56132 on tanks

In fading light 40181 and 40122 run round at Hartlepool with the Tees Tyne Boggard tour

A photostop at a seriously gloomy Hartlepool (around 1700) was a relief to actually get off the train the trapped factor of  5 hours after the Nottingham photo stop. A few leapt here for 40060 on a return 1G16 Sunderland – Newcastle footex. Still the blue/green combo both looked and sounded excellent and there were cheers on the return leg that Peterborough had lost the mixed pair and 40181/40122 continued onto the blocks at The Cross. . A superb day helped by unbroken sunshine all day ,  the tour ching just £16-75 for 463 miles behind each 40.

40122/40181 returned North on the SuO 0215 Kings X – Peterborough, me on 310048 on the 0015 Euston – Bletchley “drunkards train”.


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