08398 produces!, April 84

Pre tour Moves Friday April 6th 1984

The “Knotty Northern Circular” tour departed Stafford 0730 on Saturday April 7th but me and Tony Ewer opted to leave a day early armed with 2 for 1 Persil tickets to Brum and Bath. The usual traction variety with a good few 33’s, an 08 plus the bankers up the Lickey, before the usual “rancid Crewe” overnight. Once on the tour we all dossed out!

April 6th’s moves

86246  1F10 0635 Euston-Liverpool            L.Buzzard – New St (via Northampton)

This train was booked loco hauled Mk IIe stock to placate BR office staff who had their jobs relocated from London to Birmingham in late 1982. 1F10 was essentially a unit turn’s stopping pattern so 86246 that morning made booked stops at Watford Jn, Hemel. Berko, Leighton, Bletchley, M.Keynes, Wolverton, Northampton, Long Bucky, Rugby, Coventry and Bir Int’l en route to New St and onwards to Liverpool. We were a bit unlucky getting a “can” on 1F10 as it was often a “seven”, it rarely roared though.

47594  1V72 0825 Manchester-Cardiff       New St – Cheltenham

50005  1V76 0920 Liverpool-Penzance       Cheltenham – T.Meads

33062  1O79 1205 Cardiff-Portsmouth       T.Meads – Bath

Bristol at the time was very much “Crompton” city with 2 – 4 per hour producing.

Hither Green’s 33062 was a good “winning” start. 6 “Cromptons” were raked in on

the Bristol – bath circuit.

33005  1V26 1210 Portsmouth-Cardiff       Bath – T.Meads

08398  2B46 1615 Bristol-Taunton  (to release 45120)       TM-BW (and back)

Rare! Train engine 45120 was trapped on the wrong end of the 1615 Bristol – Taunton on platform 3 as an HST had failed in front of it. With a good number of passengers aboard, 08398 was summoned from the West end parcels sidings complete with guards brake van. As the “gronk” was coupled a few more bashers including us piled on to enjoy 08398 hauling us out to Bristol West well beyond the road overbridge. This allowed 45120 to be released before the big 08 propelled us back into T.Meads where us and a few other bashers bailed off!  

 08398 on passenger at Bristol West, 060484

33110  1O85 1610 Bristol-Portsmouth         T.Meads – Bath

A 33’1 “bag” were generally less common on the Bristol – Pompeys, 33110 had a quick turn round having just arrived on the 1310 ex Portsmouth.

33015  1V30 1510 Portsmouth-W.S.Mare  Bath – T.Meads

33042  2O61 1710 Cardiff-Weymouth        T.Meads – Bath

43128} 1725 Padd-W.S.Mare                       Bath – T.Meads


33054  1O93 1915 Bristol-Portsmouth         T.Meads – Bath

33062  1V35 1810 Portsmouth-Bristol         Bath – T.Meads

45120  1S19 2124 Bristol-Glas/Edin            T.Meads – New St

1S19 was perhaps unique in that from Cheltenham most bashers were in the rear of this lengthy overnight train. Hard core “peak men” would remain up front though!   

37291} 1S19 2124 Bristol-Glas/Edin            (banking)        Bromsgrove – Blackwell


In the darkness alongside Bromsgrove oil terminal South of the station the 2 class 37’s would come off the siding and gently buffer up to the rear coach. Once the “RA” was given the “peak” up front would groan and the 2 x 37’s would characteristically bark, then growl for the 5-6 minutes or so of sustained climbing up the Lickey. Much smoke and sparks from all 3 locos, plus bellowing from those aboard. At Blackwell with sparking wheels the 37’s would stop and drop off as we breasted the top. Great fun in the otherwise silent Worcestershre countryside close to midnight.

87030  1S19 2124 Bristol-Glas/Edin                                    New St – Crewe

Other Gen from the Day

86315  1A06 0746 Northampton-Euston

86318  1A83 0813 Northampton-Euston

45142  1E10 0710 Bristol-Leeds

87017  1O03 0720 Liverpool-Poole

47452  1O03 0720 Liverpool-Poole

47589  1M49 0720 W.S.Mare-Birmingham

50009  1S61 0645 Padd-Edin/Glas

31433  1E64 1015 Birmingham-Norwich

86247  1V72 0825 Manchester-Cardiff

33033  1O79 1205 Cardiff-Portsmouth (to T.Meads)

45120  2B30 1310 T.Meads-W.S.Mare

50009  1M85 0740 Penzance-Liverpool

33010  1V25 1110 Portsmouth-Bristol

33035 1V26 1210 Portsmouth-Cardiff

50006  1V85 1133 Manchester-Plymouth

33042  2B38 1402  Cardiff-Bristol

47471  1M86 1245 FO Plymouth-Manchester

47597  2C38 1550 Bristol-Cardiff

33033  2C40 1648 Bristol-Cardiff

33110  1V27 1310 Portsmouth-Bristol

50009  1V90 1320 Liverpool-Plymouth

45120  2B46 1615 Bristol TM – Taunton

45131  Down  Addit

47140  2O61 1710 Cardiff-Weymouth (to T,Meads) assume steaming.

47524  1V92 1428 York-Plymouth

47440  1805 Padd-Bristol HST replacement

50002  1B35 1821 Padd-Bristol

47534  1B42 1850 FO Padd-Bristol

47238  2110 Bristol-Plymouth Addit (no heat)

33020  1C74 1835 Paignton-Cardiff

50010  1V95 1935 Birmingham-Bristol

April 6th Phots

 33062 at Bath Spa with 1O79 1205 Cardiff-Portsmouth

 45019 with ballast “sea cow’s” in tow at Britol TM

 Skinhead 31133 on Bath Road depot

 Bath Road was in decline by 1984 but still a fascinating depot to watch the loco moves from adjoining Temple Meads platforms

April 7th’s early morning moves

47418  1M41 2234 York-Shrewsbury                     Crewe – Crewe South (and back)

a bit desperate this one. 47418 usually departed early from a through platform at Crewe to run down beyond the depot before reversing back into one of the South bay’s where more vans were attached to this classic overnight train. So my last “genny” was raked in for about a mile!

87017  1V61 2340 Edin/Glas-Euston                                   Crewe – Stafford

Other Gen from the Day

47559  1V01 0204 Crewe-Cardiff

47530  1D02 0238 Crewe-Holyhead

86328  1S25 2240 Euston-Perth/Glasgow

87020  1S22 2335 Euston-Glasgow N/R

86226  1P54 0235 Crewe-Preston

86253  1F53 2350 Euston-Liverpool

47510  1F53 2350 Euston-Liverpool

47489  1A04 0115 Holyhead-Euston

85010}            1A04 0115 Holyhead-Euston..


as a good few will vouch it was often better to have a loco atop the notoriously unreliable 85036 although this train was diagrammed for 2 electrics. The only “roarers” we saw on passenger that night….

86238  1G00 0352 Crewe-Birmingham

87020  1M10 2210 Glasgow-Euston

7 April tour report, phots and memories here


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