25035 at the GCR, June 2021

25035’s running day, Friday June  11th 2021

A hugely enjoyable 6 round trips at the GCR with 25035 atop 7 Mk I’s (24421, 4948, 4830, 1962, 25366, 25312, 21184) with 96 miles of rat thrash on offer.  The atmosphere aboard all day was good and outside the sun shone all day too.

Great fun

Summertime at Leicester North, 25035 has just arrived with the 1230 from Loughborough

Loughborough 101’s with all blue 50203 and 50266 alongside green liveried 50321

20098 whistles into Loughborough after a trip to Swithland sidings

25035 at Loughborough after a good thrash from Leicester on the 1745

The mighty D123, 45125 stabled in nice early evening light at Loughborough

Seeing 45125 preserved at Loughborough always brings back memories of February 20th 1982 when 45125 and 45138 powered the 0710 Derby – St Pancras. Much bellowing leaving Luton as seen here as 45125 was my last eh peak for haulage….

25035 running round at Loughborough prior to working the 2005 final trip to Leicester to end an enjoyable day..


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