27059 remembered

“Tip Top” memories, 27059 remembered 

 27059 first emerged new as D5410 in September 62 as a Cricklewood based machine working freight, parcels, ECS and some passenger turns on the Midland Main line and cross London lines. Transfer North to Scotland as more class 25’s arrived in London came in February 69. The loco was Eastfield based for 2 years which would have seen her work passenger and freight over much of Scotland, especially the West Highland lines. 5410 was to become a Push pull and eh fitted “tippie” (one of 24 27’s push pull fitted)  which saw her largely restricted to the Edinburgh-Glasgow push pull duties building up large high speed mileages between the two cities. As 27123 then 27205 her last push pull turns were reported in early 1980 and then effectively “nb” (very little eth stock in Scotland then) and dual braked she became a grubby freight machine working long stints on coal duties out of Ayr in particular (being renumbered 27059 in June 82). She became a highly sought after machine for haulage and many a long leap by some was made by a few to sample her on a rare class 1 turn. In her last years she featured on the Kirkaldy’s, S06 pilot, the circuit and even a Farrow tour.

27059 was finally withdrawn in June 87 but by Sep 87 she was reinstated as a Tyesley based machine! and starred at Basingstoke Railfare and Tyesley open days. Still a BR loco she starred at Oct 87’s Severn Valley diesel gala and a short tour over much of the classes old English stomping ground were advertised for Oct 18th 1987. Sadly the BRB board vetoed the tour apparently due the preserved diesel ban issues, despite 27059 still being a BR loco!!. The loco was withdrawn the next day and under eventual Sandwell Borough council ownership has been at the SVR ever since. Gutsy displays at various SVR running days finally ended as the loco’s condition deteriorated with 2001 gala being her last. She remains at Kidderminster normally covered up, a much missed part of the active preservation scene.

Some very positive news came in Nov 2015 when 27059 was transfered by road to the former Leicester TMD where UKRL/DLR are believed to be contracted for a repair to this fine machine. 2016/7 may see a triumphant return to traffic

Sample 5410/27123/27205/27059 turns down the years:

St Pancras Emcars 100962

Dunstable branch 140963

Cricklewood Depot 071167


2030 Edinburgh – Glasgow QS (with 5380) 041272

1430 Edinburgh – Glasgow QS (with 5413) 150873

Glasgow C Emcars 131073

2200 Edinburgh – Glasgow QS (with 27112) 120977


1500 Edinburgh-Glasgow QS (with 27105) 240180

Thornton Jn – Mossend via Alloa Speedlink 020480

Last GW works visit completed Feb 83

 27059 ex works at Queen St, 190283 ta to “GJ”

Perth SP 090483

Ayr – Glasgow Central pass turn 020983

Ayr depot 130484

1A92 0735 Stranraer-Glasgow C 100784

2A61 1800 Glasgow C-Stranraer 100884 with some doing the famous Maybole leap!

27059 1240 Carlisle-Glasgow C 131084


1C84 1810 to Carstairs on Tuesday 26th February 1985!!

8N23 engineers Crianlarich 100585

3D67 Edinburgh-Salkeld St vans 110585

1S06 2110 (27/2) Euston – Stranraer pilot 47xxx ex Ayr 280286

2J42 1530 Dundee-Waverly 140486 (47205 fail Dundee)

1L39 1803 Glasgow QS-Perth 270586

47004 1603 QS-Arbroath (fail nr Stirling) 27059 assist, then 1850 Arbroath-Dundee, many leaps…060686

0730 Dundee-Edinburgh 070686

1815 Edinburgh-Dundee 070686

2156 Dundee-Perth 070686


1123 Edinburgh-Perth booked 27 turn.. (27059 thout) 100786

1350 Perth-Glasgow QS 100786

1603 Glasgow QS-Arbroath 100786

1850 Arbroath-Dundee 100786 ..complete  booked diagram


27042} 0735 Kings X-Perth Railtour “Fair Maid of Perth”  090886

27059}…Carstairs-Shields Jn via Mossend-Whifleet S-High St Jn

At sunny Gourock vast crowds were out on both banks of the Clyde to see the tippies at Gourock, Even the Royal Yacht Brittania passed by to see them  tippies!

27059} 0735 Kings X-Perth Railtour “Fair Maid of Perth”

27042} Gourock-Perth via Shields, Rutherglen E, Coatbridge Jn,Falkirk G,Linlithgow,

Inverkiething, Thornton S-Burntisland-I’kthing E-N Jn-Thornton N-Ladybank

27042} 2330 Perth-Kings X Railtour “Fair Maid of Perth”

27059}…Perth-Carstairs  via Larbert,Mossend,Motherwell

Tour phots –

 Taking centre stage at Carstairs, 27059 and 27042 are about to replace 40122 on the Fair Maid tour

 Enjoying the sounds and sun 27059 and 27042 ease the tour somewhere nr Whiffleet Jn

 The Royal connection, 27042 and 27059 at Gourock prior to a mileage move to Perth via Burntisland, 090886


Edinburgh-Kirkaldys 13,140806 3-4 round trips subject to riots!

1M89 1545 Glasgow-Carlisle 160886

0730 Stranraer-Glasgow C (ex Ayr) 47550 fail, 250886

Thornton Jn 170487

27059 2J44 1630 Dundee-Edinburgh 020587

27059 1S71 0734 Poole-Edinburgh portion ex Carstairs 030587

Withdrawn 060687, stored ED, Carlisle, Crewe BH, Tyesley 270887


Reinstated 0987 at Tyesley

Dragged by 40122 in 6X11 Tyseley-Basingstoke with 40013 n 55022 230987, rtnd 290987

Basingstoke Railfair 26n270987

Allocated evening Curzon St-Nottingham vans-failed flat batteries! 021087

Tyesley OD 041087

All day SVR turns 101087/111087 vice failed DMU

Advertised last minute railtour 181087 …NS-Derby-Dore-Man P- Alty-Chester – Crewe -BNS..

BRB caped it..cheers then!

Purchased by Sandwell DC example of a BRCW product…

27059 withdrawn 191087

Snow Hill exhibition 230488 with 40135,31413

At VB 0688, leftVB 020788


1705 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster 190590

1340 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth 080592

1025 Bridgnorth-Bewdley  090592

0845 Bewdley-Bridgnorth  100592

 27059 with 45133 behind takes a breather at Bridgnorth MPD during a hectic 3 days Gala running in May 92

SVR gala, wkd 060594

SVR Thomas event 230599 (named)

27059 at Kidderminster and wasn’t expected to work at this 280401 gala..

Autumn SVR gala 2001 last reported working

Arrived 15A/Leicester depot for possible overhaul, 121115


Thanks to “Circuit”(the superb Class 27 loco group mag), GJ, PB, and many more for the gen

Any more 27059 memories/phots to share?


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