33108 remembered

33108 memories and gen 1972-2018

Saturday April 21st 2018 saw 33108 on the booked SVR diesel turn working the: 

0945 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth, 1150 Bridgnorth – Kidderminster, 1345 Kidderminster – Bridgnorth and 1600 Bridgnorth – Kidderrminster.

 A good thrash it was too, especially the final 2 turns. Below is a selection of memories of 33108.  

BRCW built 6521 was delivered new to Stewarts Lane on September 10th 1960. 12 years later the loco was viewed by me at “Old Oak Bridge” (opposite the old Eurostar terminal) on a Northbound Inter Regional freight on August 15th 1972. She was renumbered 33108 in Jan 74 being viewed at Salisbury probably on a Salisbury – Waterloo 4 TC working on August 19th 1975. My haulages were very limited as below   

33108  2O09 1400 Reading-Portsmouth        Michledever – Winchester 161083

33108  1L10 1620 Salisbury-Waterloo           Salisbury – Waterloo    220386    

33108  1L10 1532 Salisbury-Waterloo           Salisbury – Waterloo   241087

 “TC” advises of 2 more interesting 33108 moves.. 

“Sunday April 3rd 1988, 33108 worked the 1630 Waterloo-Weymouth, certainly as far as Southampton which is where i bailed. This was at the time that 73s were on the Bournemouth’s and 33108 was out vice 2 x 73. It was certainly a storming run, and just about kept to time. How far it worked i don’t know. In theory if it was vice the 73, it should have come off at Bournemouth, although that would have seen another 33’1 go forward to Weymouth. It might have worked throughout and was the only time i saw or had a 33 on these trains vice a 73”. 

“Saturday October 7th 1989, 33108 worked a Woking Homes charter to Cranmore, in a pair with 33106. Sadly the “great run” that i hoped for did not happen, both 33’s were unwell, one was leaking water/coolant and the other sounded ill. At Cranmore the driver failed both 33’s, 47197 came off Westbury, dragging us back to Westbury where 50048 was waiting to work back to Waterloo”      

33108 was withdrawn on May 24th 1993 but remained operative as Eastleigh depot shunter for some time. She was then preserved by the 33’1 preservation Group in March 1997. A short spell leased to Fragonset and a return to the main line. She worked in multi with 33021 on the “Rhins & Machars” Crompton Railtour on May 17th and 18th 2002. This epic tour took 33108 from Birmingham to Stranraer Harbour, Glasgow Central and back to Birmingham via the WCML. This mega mileage trip increased my mileage behind 33108 to 915.

A Mid Hants gala saw a few more miles behind her on May 22nd 2004. “TC” was on hand to phot 33108 in a convoy returning to Derby through Bedford on May 25th 2004, a rare local visitor. Now back as 33’1 preservation group loco a Nene Valley gala on October 2nd 2010 again saw 33108 out and my mileage behind her was up to 955, still 45 short of the magic “thou”….

My third trip of the SVR diesel diagram on Saturday April 21st 2018 finally saw the old girl finally cleared for a thousand miles as she thrashed out of Hampton Loade towards Eardington Summit, a memorable moment! 33108 s expected to stay at the Severn Valley for around another year, sampling her is highly recommended.     

33108 phot spot  

 33108 at Wansford, Nene Valley Railway on 021010 with the 0935 to Peterborough

 Thanks to “TC” for this Souldrop (North of Bedford) view of 47355 dragging 45060, 33021 and 33108 back to Derby after working the Mid Hants gala a few days earlier. Taken on 240504

 33108 and 33021 at Glasgow Central on 180502. The Cromptons having worked the “Rhins and Machars” tour from Stranraer Harbour 

 White cab fitted 33108 coupling up at Kidderminster prior to working the 1345 to Bridgnorth on 210418

 33108 thrashes out of Highly with the 1600 Bridgnorth – Kidderminster on 210418

Any more 33108 memories to share??


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