Adderley Park Through siding

Adderley Park Through Siding

From the W1 Special Traffic Notice July 7th – July 13th 1984

On Sunday July 8th 1984

The following trains to be diesel hauled, pantograph down from Coventry to Birmingham New St and travel via Adderley Park Through Siding, Exchange Sidings, and Derby lines from Proof House Jn to Birmingham New St.

1G11 – 2325 (Sat) Euston to Wolverhampton

1G75 – 0005 News Euston to Wolverhampton

1G77 – 0055 News Euston to Curzon St PCD (as above diversion, then Soho South Jn, Soho East Jn, Perry Barr West Jn, Perry Barr South Jn and Aston.


Following train to be diverted via Derby line to Proof House Jn then via Exchange Sidings and Adderley Park Through Siding to Stechford.

2A02 – 0015 Birmingham New St – Euston (possibly a DMU vice EMU)

Daytime services that Sunday were diverted via Nuneaton.

Other notes re Adderley Park Through Siding

The Through Siding was wired and usually used by one train a day plus recessing Curzon St Parcel trains.

The late and great Jed Harpin did the through siding on a Wolves – Euston one Sunday morning with an 86, no pilot loco.

Guy Kendrick did the 1310 Birmingham Int’l – New St on Sunday July 3rd 1983 and was “well pleased” when the DMU (vice EMU) went via Adderley Park through siding. Possibly this service operated via the through siding every hour all Sunday till 1600 ish

The Through Siding was taken out of use by August 89. The track bed which survives to 2021 still remains although some network rail buildings have now prevent a reopening.    

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