Anglia Day Ranger with “TC”, July 2nd 1983

Out East with “TC” on an Anglian Ranger, Saturday July 2nd 1983

After my July 2nd 1983 moves, and Guy Kendrick’s, and now for your entertainment we also have “TC’s” moves from that superb Summer Saturday

It was the regular Bristol VR bus from the bus stop in Goldington Road, just after 0715 to take us over to Cambridge. Mr Weymes (RIP) could be seen attempting to bellow through the small opening window on the upper deck! 

Arrival in Cambridge was  around 08.30 and after purchasing an Anglia Day Rover for the princely sum of £4.00 it was time for a cuppa and to wait for the Ipswich arrival which generally formed the 09.03 to Birmingham NS. 

31166 xo TE was a good start, in truth we were probably expecting a 31/4 on this. A small plus onto the 08.04 Birmingham – Yarmouth at Peterborough was successfully made, but hoped for NB “duff” was a very dull EH “duff” and a dud one at that! 47567 “Red Star” was our power back to March where we put the fester to good use by having a wander up to March depot. 

I don’t have a full list from that day, but with a little help from James Cannell’s flickr stream at least the following were there: 03154/175, 08095/272, 31110, 37024/109, 40013/150 and ADB968008 which is the “24” now preserved on the East Lancs Railway. 

The hoped for class 40 on the Manchester – Yarmouth didn’t disappoint, 40034 being taken across to Norwich. 31279 dropped on the rear at Norwich for the final 20 odd miles across to Yarmouth. 

The options for returning west were the Birmingham (47567), Chestefield (31142) or waiting for the Manchester (40034). As 31142 was a winner I came back with that and then tried my luck with a trip to Audley End, 47010 on the return being my 100th of the class for haulage. 

A fester of about an hour for the bus back home. I never did locate a decent chip shop near Cambridge station. 

TC’s moves

31166    09.03 Cambridge – Birmingham NS        (Cambridge – Peterborough)

47567    08.04 Birmingham NS – Yarmouth         (Peterborough – March)

40034    08.15 Manchester – Yarmouth                (March – Norwich)

31279    08.15 Manchester – Yarmouth                (Norwich – Yarmouth, via Reedham)

31255    13.38 Yarmouth – Birmingham NS           (Yarmouth – Norwich, via Acle)

31142    13.46 Yarmouth – Chesterfield                (Norwich – Peterborough)

31412    16.41 Peterborough – Ipswich                (Peterborough – Ely)

DMU                                                                     (Ely – Cambridge)

47019    17.50 Cambridge – Liverpool St.            (Cambridge – Audley End)

47010    17.35 Liverpool St. – Cambridge            (Audley End – Cambridge)   

Other Anglia Gen from that day:

31116     13.05 Yarmouth – Liverpool St. (To Norwich)

31270     13.05 Yarmouth – Liverpool St. (From Norwich)

31401     07.40 Norwich – Birmingham & 13.15 return

31414+31424    10.15 Birmingham – Yarmouth & 15.57 Yarmouth – Birmingham (West of Norwich)

31419+31421     09.35 Norwich – Birmingham & 18.15 Birmingham – Norwich

37093     09.10 Yarmouth – Leeds

37106     09.35 Yarmouth – Newcastle (From Norwich)

47210     08.50 Newcastle – Yarmouth (To Norwich)

Phots from the Day, thanks to “TC”

March magic with 40013, 40150 and 37024 stabled by “Hundred Road” on 020783

More March magic as 40034 whistles in with the 0815 Manchester – Yarmouth on 020783

40034 at the Norwich blocks, 31279 took the Manchester – Yarmouth forward on 020783

“TC’s”100th 47 for haulage after a blast on 47010 from Audley End on the 1735 Liverpool St – Cambridge 020783


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