“Bag” bashing, October 1983

Bashing the “Bags” October 16th 1983

After complaints from the girlfriend that your “never here on Saturdays to help with the shopping or to socialise” it was a Saturday confined to base! After a heavy Saturday night, it was a late start leaving Leighton around 10am on the Sunday morning.

The main plan was to bash the 33’1 (bagpipes/bags) on the Reading – Pompeys which were formed of 4TC units with a 33 propelling ex Reading on Sundays only. I needed most of the 33’1’s as i never bothered venturing down Bournemouth way for 33’1 haulage on the Weymouth portions.

The up unit off Leighton was the booked 310 EMU with no DMU or loco haulage of the 310 today as sometimes happened on Sunday mornings. The first non HST service to Reading from Paddington got 50037 which made plenty of noise as usual.

At Reading i bought a Student Reading – Winchester ticket and was soon aboard required 33113 on the 1300 Pompey.  At Winchester a short fester saw required 33117 take me to little, quiet and deserted Michledever for required 33108 back to Winchester. My luck then changed after 3 winners in a row and dud 33112 returned me to Reading. 4 33’1’s were booked for the Reading – Pompeys  although a “thumper” sometimes deputised on one turn.

At Reading the 1548 Padd – Manchester was keenly awaited as this could produce anything from 2 x 31 to an “nb” 47. Disappointment today in boilered (possibly xi) ex Cricklewood 47202 arrived on it. This was flagged for 50030 on a following service to Didcot. “Should be a pair” was the gen from some sociable bashers at Didcot and they were spot on with 50045 and 50009 soon arriving on the 1730 Oxford – Padd. Much noise and fast running but i bailed at Reading hoping for something decent behind.

There was some rare power behind the pair but on the wrong train, 47332 arrived with the 1640 Poole – Liverpool but her return working would have meant a very late arrival back home, so the “fridge” was flagged for 50048 on a Hereford – Padd.

At Euston it was a 310 home, an 86’0 in 86037 was noted on 1S07 overnight, rarish birds them 86’0’s…

An enjoyable Sunday move was over on getting home by nine that October evening.         

The moves:

072         0920 Rugby-Euston                                                            L.Buzzard – Euston

50037    1B36 1145 Padd-Plymouth                                              Padd – Reading   

33113    2O08 1300 Reading-Portsmouth                                     Reading – Winchester

33117    2V37 1308 Portsmouth-Reading                                     Winchester – Michledever

33108    2O09 1400 Reading-Portsmouth                                     Michledever  – Winchester

33112    2V38 1408 Portsmouth-Reading                                     Winchester – Reading

50030    1B58 1620 Padd-Cheltenham                                          Reading – Didcot

50045}  1A11 1730 Oxford-Padd                                                  Didcot – Reading


50048    1A25 1615 Hereford-Padd                                                Reading – Paddington

068         2003 Euston-Rugby                                                            Euston – L.Buzzard

Other gen

47438    1E20 1322 Poole-Newcastle

47202    1M15 1548 Padd-Manchester

50025    1B56 1605 Padd-W.S.Mare

50042    1C48 1610 Padd-Hereford

47592    1A79 1625 Oxford-Padd-phot

47468    1O52 1233 Manchester-Brighton

47415    1A19 1633 Cardiff-Padd

47500    1C58 1810 Padd-Hereford

47332    1M02 1642 Poole-Liverpool (in)

47438     1M02 1642 Poole-Liverpool (out)

86037   1S07 2100 Euston – Inverness

The phots

 A few weeks later 33115 thrashes out of Micheldever with the 1208 Portsmouth – Reading on 181283

 Bubble 55022 brings up the rear of a Padd local on 161083

 Former Cricklewood slow speed MGR machine 47202 at Reading with 1M15 1548 Padd – Manchester on 161083

 In revised Hymek style yellow cab end livery, 31135 stands at Didcot on 161083

 About to give the HST on the up fast a good race to Padd 50045 and 50009 at Reading with the 1730 Oxford – Padd on 161083


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