Bath to Didcot, Aug 75

Bath to Didcot, Friday August 22nd 1975


47024p, 47229p-ex, 47230ch, 47509p, 50033p, 50001p, 1128,1110, 47513p, 25164sa, 50023,

47494p, 50043p, 50013p, 47494p, 50043p, 50013p, 31258p, 31262pa, 37292/37298St,

47505p, 47111p,  47479p, 50049p, 25164l, 50033p, 47510p, 50043H

2-3 hours at Bath in the morning, 47229 on an outbound excursion, 25164 and 37292 and 37298 on stone the highlights. 50043 hauled Bath – Swindon


47477p, 37225fr

Swindon Works

1003, 7000, 818, PWM650, 50812, 31262, 47224, 1036

Swindon Station

37290/37296ch, 51449,59550,51521, 08492brkd, 1070p, 37225fr, 47054p, 50024p, 46028l, 50023p, 47094ch, 47258ch, 47512, 51582, 47465p, 50020p, 47229p, 08583sh,

50001p, 50030p, 47484p,

47468p, 1036fr, 08485/08804/08053es, 47496p, 50049es, 50013p, 47505p,

50026p, 50004p, 47111p,

47059p, 50014p, 31254pa, 50043p, 47499p, 47157p, 47478p, 47510p, 50024p, 50020p, 1070H, 47094ch, 08288,

1070 on a Padd – Cardiff on arrival, 46028 unusual on a light move, triple shunters on an ECS move and good old 1070 for haulage to Didcot on the return Cardiff – Padd


47252p, 7018-pres, 47196p, 1051p, 47112p, 50001p, 47491p, 31117p, 47494p, 47129p, 50048p

31117 on a Padd – Oxford, fast care home from Didcot to Dunstable

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