Bletchley’s class 11 shunters

Bletchley’s Class 11 shunters

The 120 strong class 11 shunters of distinct LMS origins were built at Derby and Darlington works between 1945-1952. 10 had links with Bletchley TMD with 12049 being well remembered from back in the day. Of these 10 3 made it into preservation but the loss of 12049 due to fire brings this down to just 2. Long may they continue to work!  

12045 new May 1948, to BY Jan 69, withdrawn 11 Jan 69, stored BY, then dragged to John Cashmore, Great Bridge, Nov 11th 1969 and broken up

12046 new June 1948, to BY Jan 69, withdrawn 11 Jan 69, stored BY, damaged wheelset prevented movement so broken up at Cohen’s at BY Dec 1969

12049 new Dec 1948, to BY Jan 69, withdrawn 3rd Oct 71. Stored BY sold to Day & Son, Brentford Stone Terminal Oct 72. Donated to Mid-Hants railway, arrived July 98. 12049 was sadly destroyed by a carriage workshop fire at Ropley on July 29th 2010. 12082 was purchased as a replacement and was temporarily renumbered 12049 until 2021 when its proper number was  reaplied.

12050 new Feb 49, to BY Aug 55-Jan 56, withdrawn July 70, sold to NCB Philadelphia Colliery, Co Durham Apr 71 for spares, cut June 72

12064 new Dec 49, to BY for storage July 69, hauled to Cohen, Kettering Dec 69 and cut Jan 70

12073 new Sep 50, to BY Nov 60 – Apr 68, withdrawn Nov 71 at Springs Branch, cut Booths Rotherham Sep 72

12074 new Sep 50, to BY Nov 60 – Apr 68, withdrawn Jan 72, sold to NCB Tyneside, purchased by Harry Needle at Meadowhill May 89, cut Kingsbury July 02

12088  new June 51, to BY Jan 69 – Nov 69, withdrawn May 71, sold to NCB Swalwell, Co Durham , purchased by Harry Needle May 89 for Industrial hire. She entered preservation at the Aln Vallry Railway, Northumberland in 2017.

12090  new June 51, to BY Jan 69, withdrawn July 71, Cut Booths Rotherham Sep 72

12099  new March 52, to BY Jan 69, withdrawn , Sold to NCB Blaenavon Mar 72, various industrial locations, ended up at Booths Rotherham Feb 89, Preserved by the Severn Valley Railway.1990.

Bletchley’s class 11 phot spot

12049 at Bletchley depot in June 72 prior to sale to Days of Brentford, a N L Cadge photo

During the March 2000 Mid Hants deisel gala 12049 was offering cab rides along the platform for just a pound! Fantastic value ..

12049 looking good at the North end of Ropley Shed in May 2004

Looking the part, 12099 busy as shed pilot at Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway in May 2013

Any more Bletchley class 11 memories to share…


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