Cambrian moves, Sep 21st 1985

Cambrian moves, September 85

Thanks to Guy Kendrick for the cracking memories

Here we are again, another lock down and another chance to put pen to paper due to temporary furlough at work. Inspiration in this case is NR’s trip gen from June-Sept 85. Most of my rail gen from here on in was focused on tooing and frooing from Poly at Sheffield and these two trips were the last proper bashes I ever did. Everything else was basic stuff, although I did try to target the worthwhile moves if I could, to fit in. It was never The Bash for it’s own sake again. That had to wait until 2007 onwards when I stirred from my slumbers to discover My Railway has completely transformed. Like waking up after hyper-sleep in a movie, very very disorientating.

Both these two Farewells, as it were, were done with my old mate Matt who has been in Florida for 25 years. Never a real basher, but I think he got into the spirit of things. He had more Cromptons than a lot of people I know!

Saturday 21st September

Having bashed rats on the Saturdays in the past the haulage had gone over to tractors by 1985, so this was my swan song I guess. A very enjoyable day out it was too!

Coventry at 08.57 saw 86411 roll in a 1J20 0730 Euston – Aberystwyth with a rake of eleven MK1’s, from front to rear in order; BSK 35342, SK’s18792, 19017, 18779, 18797, 18752, FK13225, SK’s 18833, 18895, 18992, 18863. Unusual not to have a BSK at the rear, but that worked nicely for me later that day. We found a compo somewhere towards the rear to bag a decent window near the front from Shrewsbury. Coventry – Wolverhampton.

09.18 Curzon Street parcels depot had Tyseley gronk 08913 in charge of herding several GUV’s and BG’s 84211, 80825, 93107/974/150/233/471/936 amongst others.

09.57 Wolverhampton GD’s 47435 backed on for the run to Shrewsbury

10.05 Oxley CS were in charge of Bescot gronk 08841 and condemned MK1’s 7069 and 18807 were noted along with departmental stock TD977187-190

10.30 at Shrewsbury found the forward power for 1J20 to be March’s 37084 and Cardiff’s 37150 – nice to see a split box for a change! 08390 (CD) was the station pilot and a rake of twelve condemned 12t vanwides was in the platform next to the Aberystwyth train, a sight for sore eyes. Rusted, tatty, very modelable! 37171 was the forward power for 1J24.

The plan was bail at Caersws, which we did……..seemingly along with every other basher on the train. 12.30 37147 (LE) rolled in with 1A50 11.10 Aberystwyth- Euston consisting BSK 35486, SK 18765,18857,18984, CK 7193, SK 18822,18808,18771 and BSK 35341. CS – Welshpool. Both the BSK’s are still around….35486 became support coach for A4 60009. Four of the compos are in preservation and the FK lives on with West Coast.

 37147 at Welshpool, 210985

Welshpool bail for 1J24 09.35 Euston – Aberystwyth which rolled in at 13.27 behind 37171 (CF) with BSK 35479, TSO’s 4981,4926,4886, FK13320, TSO’s 4888,4869,4943 and 4940. Interestingly (or maybe not) the majority of these still survive in preservation and with West Coast, only three TSO’s being scrapped in the early 90’s at Margam. Welshpool- Caersws

A return to Caersws saw mass bail to the pub. I’m pretty sure it was this move that resulted in the pub wedge, all great fun…..unless you were a local. A return to the station for the return run of 37084 and 37150 on the same stock on 2J22 13.40 Aberystwyth Shrewsbury which was taken back to Shrewsbury.

Bonus of the day for me was the creation of 1G22, 16.21 Shrewsbury – Wolverhampton additional with the stock of 2J22……with 37147 on load 11 back to Wolves. Front window hellfire!

At Wolverhampton we picked up 47607(CF) the former 47138 (not a winner in either guise!) on 1O23 1550 Liverpool – Poole which I recorded as only a five coach rake of MK2’s BFK 17137, TSO’s 5585,5529,5373 and BFK 17135…..Wolves – International.

Lastly the mighty 310076 on 1751 Coventry local back to Canley. A very entertaining day!

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