Capital City Transfer tour, Apr 84

The “Capital City Transfer”, Saturday April 14th 1984

  An F & W tour featuring class 25/37/50 traction…from Plymouth to North Woolwich via the Midlands for just £12.95.

  Tour itinary.  Note the Aylesbury – Amersham actual time of 11 mins against 18 scheduled!! See below for sample speeds


 Recently repainted, renamed “frog green” 50007 brings the “Capital City Crusader Tour” into Coventry and was quickly replaced by 25042 and 25083. The tour then left Coventry right time or possibly a minute or so early.

We joined this tour at Coventry and when 50007 rolled in right time and after a rapid loco change to 25042/25083 we were a bit concerned about our missing 3rd tour member

of our party…. We  crossed a Euston – Wolves service shortly after leaving Coventry and jokingly suggested our missing tour member “the Buzzard” of Cornish fame may

be on this train as he was renown for doing tight “connections” (this was a minus two anyway, but as we know tours normally ran at least 20 late).

After a reasonable run South over Bletchley Flyover, Aylesbury and then a breath taking storm South towards Amersham (7 early) we arrived at Marylebone.

Here to much laughter was the “Buzzard”, he had missed the “minus two” off the Euston – Wolves we had viewed on the tour near Coventry and so had done

the next 86 back to Euston and then Marylebone.!!

 Lots of detail in this view from the tour crossing Bletchley Flyover. Plenty of stone tipplers!, class 25/31 in the holding sidings and just visible in the parcels dock on the far right is 86318. This had worked 2A23 0350 Euston – Bletchley “Milk empties” and was spare loco for the weekend.

 25042 and 25083 swing onto the Aylesbury line at Claydon jn as the good weather held

1Z40 Capital City Transfer Railtour 140484

Power – 25042/25083 10 Mk I’s

Mileage                                       Sched-arr/pass/ dep               Actual-arr/pass/ dep     Av speed

0          Bletchley Flyover Summit                0959                                          1012      ——-

12.7     Claydon Jn                              1040   1041                             1040    1042      27.25

25.38   Aylesbury                               1115   1116                              1113    1116      24.54

39.67   Amersham                                     1134                                        1127            77.94

47.19   Watford South Jn                         1144                                        1134            64.45

53.05   Harrow-on-Hill                             1152                                        1144            35.15

57.1     Neasden S Jn                                 1156                                        1149           48.6  

62.28   Marylebone                             1204                                        1155                  51.79 

 Thanks to Trev Rolfe for this view and his caption…” as the tour hammered through Amersham…..and I do mean hammer! I have never seen a train go so fast through Amersham kicking up all sorts of debris and terrifying the normals awaiting a pondering A60 unit”

  2 “blocks” views of the rats resting at Marylebone after their storm through the Chilterns.

Unfortunately this was the last “rat” action on the tour, 50040 then took over for a rerouted run that included a run round at West Ruislip then via Greenford, Acton Wells, Willesden Jn HL, Kensal Rise, Gospel Oak to Stratford low level and the rare loco hauled haunt of North Woolwich. Rather dull boilered 37038/37089 then took the tour back towards  Stratford High level via Stratford LL, Temple Mills yard and Lea Bridge (station about to close) where the 50 took over towards the rare 50 haunts of  Barking, Ockenden and Stratford  HL where i  bailed. The tour then continued West via the North London line to Acton Wells and the GW main line.    An interesting tour but the highlight (the flying rats) were over by midday making the rest an anti climax.

 A rare loco hauled haunt, 37038 and 37089 wait to leave North Woolwich bound for Lea Bridge (nr Temple Mills)

Pre/post tour moves

Saturday April 14th

85025 2315 (13/4) Glasgow C – Euston (sleepers only)

86101  2310 (13/4) Glasgow – Euston night rider

86252  2355 (13/4) Glas/Edin – Bristol          Glasgow C – New St, 45126 fwd

this train was normally a good bet for a roarer so not impressed, but a good night doss

47473  0600 Derby – Poole New St – Coventry

50009  0550 Padd – Manchester Coventry – Bir Intl

47606  0740 Wolves – Brighton Bir Int’l – New St

210      1706 Southend-Liverpool St  Stratford – Liverpool St (302 unit)

085}    1902 Euston-Birmingham       Euston – L.Buzzard


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