Dore Mat tour, Feb 84

The “Dore-Mat” Railtour remembered, Saturday 18th February 1984

 Another classic multi traction, circuitous routed tour from “Staffordshire Railtours with 2 named 40’s the highlight for many, not forgetting some rare class 13 mileage and some trusty “roarer” action too! The tour had a highly charged atmosphere all day, 300 plus noisy class 40 miles helping. The class 13 was novel, every single window had heads out in Tinsley Yard to view the double gronks. A smashed window from yobs in the Beighton area resulted in a mini farce at Derby. Expecting the damaged coach to be removed, some participants were a bit withered on the opposite platform when 40033 took the whole train to Matlock rather than shunt out the damaged coach. 40033’s thrash on the long climb to Matlock, echoing off the hills was superb!

300 plus 40 miles, 100 plus roarer miles and .86 class 13 miles to remember! A classic tour.


O/w – New St – Stafford – Crewe – Middlewich – Altrincham – Manchester Ox Rd –  Guide Bridge – Standedge – Huddersfield – Healy Mills – Barnsley – Sheffield – Shepcote Lane Jn – Tinsley yard – Doncaster – Rotherham – Beighton – Derby – Matlock

R/t     Matlock – Derby – Chesterfield – Dore – Edale – CChinley – New Mills South – Skelton Jn – Altrincham – Sandbach – Middlewich – Crewe- Stafford – New St

An ex works tour itinerary, thanks to “TR”

Tour power

85032  New St – Crewe

40024  Crewe-Sheffield (via Manchester and Healy Mills)

40033  Sheffield-Shepcote Lane Jn

13001  Shepcote Lane Jn-Tinsley E

40033  Tinsley E-Crewe (via Derby,Matlock,Derby,Chesterfield, Dore, Altrincham)

81014  Crewe-New St 

Tour phots – thanks to Trev Rolfe for most of these memorable views

 40024 steaming nicely prior to departure with the “Dore-Mat” from Crewe, 180284

 40033 took over the tour at Sheffield and is caught superbly by Trev on the sharp curves linking the Midland with Tinsley Yard

 The 40 was removed for 13001 to offer rare haulage through the Yard itself, just a few heads looking out!

 No shortage of power on Tinsley that Saturday afternoon, still a real railway back then….

 “RIP 40131” this old split box warhorse withdrawn in Oct 83 awaits the inevitable at Doncaster works, farewell 40131

 The climb up to Matlock was loud, probably very loud, 40033 takes a rest before running round for the return thrash through the Southern Pennines

Stalybridge, thanks to Trev Rolfe, feel the noise, 40024 erupts on leaving Stalybridge


40024 in sunshine and steam heat at Huddersfield


40033 waits to take over from 40024 shown below on the “Dore-Mat” at Sheffield

Trev Rolfe’s view of 40024 after a loud performance over the hills.

Tinsley Yard

Heads out to view 13001 working a short but unforgettable haulage through Tinsley yard

Matlock, thanks to Tony Ewer

With thanks to the “Axeman” for this elevated Matlock view of 40033

Pre/post tour moves n gen

                                                            18/2/84 Sa

86219  2124 (17/2) Bristol-Glas/Edin                         NS-CR

47441  0238 Crewe-Holyhead

47575  0204 Crewe-Cardiff

85029  0352 Crewe-Birmingham                                            CR-ST

86215  2350 Euston-Liverpool

45125  2350 Euston-Liverpool

47448  Holyhead-Euston Addit

86316  Holyhead-Euston Addit

86228  2355 Glas/Edin-Bristol                                               ST-WO

50014  0620 Wolverhampton-Euston                         WO-NS

31433  0804 Birmingham-Norwich

81012  0754 Birmingham-Manchester

062      2221 Birmingham-Euston                                           NS-LB

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