In the dead of night, Nov 77

In the dead of night….November 77

The post Christmas gala at the Glos-Warks saw steam heat rattling through the stock despite an eh peak or xo 26 up front! The steam heat helping to bring back memories of West country trips like these in November 77. Later a 170 unit tottering up the Lickey again stirred the memories that saw these more interesting moves dug out! Enjoy!  

I was Swansea based at this time and Swansea High St around 2100 was a sea of steam heat with 37176 the first power of the trip. From Bristol Temple Meads 1E61 the 0110 Sheffield, was the second classic overnight, load 10 including a BSK and SK  plus many vans and  2 TPO’s in the consist and 45065 powering .

At Worcester Shrub Hill my slumbers were disturbed by the rattle of the steam heat going off in the “compo”.  On peering out into the gloom at “Shrub Hill” a “failure” was the gen. Quickly an assisting 37 was attached and we departed about 30 late with an EE bark and a still groaning “peak” disturbing the peace of the Worcestershire countryside. We eased up approaching Bromsgrove, where bankers 37184 and 37186 were waiting. I woke up my mate on the other side of the compo for the show that followed!.The peak groaned forward slowly, then the lead 37 growled aggressively, much smoke and increasing noise as we climbed the Lickey.  37184/37186 were way back at the rear of the overnight joining in too!. Our compo droplight window was wide open to enjoy the sounds, smells and sparks, my mate was well impressed at the “raw power” and he was a “normal!”

By Barnt Green we lost our bankers and the noise eased but speed increased on the run into New St. Now after being unfortunate enough to have 2 of our common “South Wales steamers” as bankers, i walked forward at New St to hopefully admire our “nb” monster , boilered, ex SF, but now another South Wales steamer 37247 was our noisy rescue power. Another “peak” took the 0110 forward from New St whilst i bailed for some tamer “electric bashing” with that noise from earlier in the morning ringing in my ears all weekend long!  

  3/11/77 Th

37176    2125 Swansea-Bristol SW-CA

47081    2125 Swansea-Bristol CA-TM

 4/11/77 Fr

45065    0110 Bristol TM-Sheffield  (fail here)               TM-WO

37247}  0110 Bristol TM – Sheffield                               WO-NS 


37184}  0110 Bristol TM-Sheffield  (banking)               BR-BL


310061  0555 Birmingham – Stafford                              NS-WO

87029    0629 Wolverhampton – Euston                          WO-NS 

86029    0726 Coventry- Manchester                               NS-WO

86219    0740 Shrewsbury-Euston                                   WO-NS

86232    0814 Rugby-Liverpool                                       NS-WO

86207    0929 Wolverhampton-Euston                            WO-NS

87007    0815 Bristol TM-Glas/Edin                               NS-WO

87011    1029 Wolverhampton-Euston                            WO-NS

86205    0624 Plymouth-Liverpool                                  NS-WO

86258    1129 Wolverhampton- Euston                           WO-NS 

87005    1218 Birmingham-Euston                                  NS-INT

86229    1110 Euston-Birmingham                                 INT-NS

86245    0929 Southampton- Liverpool                           NS-WO

86233    1329 Wolverhampton-Euston                            WO-NS

87006    1405 Birmingham-Glas/Edin                             NS-WO

86219    1429 Wolverhampton-Euston                            WO-NS 

86235    0742 Penzance-Liverpool                                   NS-WO

85001    1423 Manchester- Swansea                                WO-NS

a long wait for the only “roarer” i saw on passenger, well worth the wait though..

86253    1655 Birmingham-Liverpool                               NS-LS

 7/11/77 Mo

86012}  0030 Liverpool-Euston                                        LS-CR


Due to a taxi driver getting lost finding us, we made this overnight on a plus 1! Fast car onto the middle platform at Lime St for the 0030.!

46050    0147 Crewe-Cardiff                                            CR-CA

often a type 4 as a loco off a van train..

47083    0532 Cardiff-Crewe                                             CA-NP

a class 25 would have been more welcome on this turn

46040    0600 Bristol-Cardiff                                            NP-CA

43018}   0710 Cardiff – Swansea                                      CA-SW


Where are they now?…

 37247, 1E61’s heroic rescue loco, is seen 11 years later at Arrochar after steaming North on the 1820 Glasgow QS – Oban on 210886. 37035 is approaching with the 1800 ex Oban. After Scotland, 37247 had spells back on the Western as a Laira loco named “Tre Pol and Pen”. Renumbered 37671 she again roamed the network  and was then exported to France for 1999 new line construction work. Once back in Blighty she was stored and sadly cut a few years later…

 New St workhorse, 45065 has arrived with the 0855 Newquay-Manchester on 280784 7 years after her failure.  1E61’s failure machine continued as an Inter Regional/Midland workhorse until withdrawl in March 85. She was cut by late 1988    

The train -1E61 0110 Bristol – Sheffield/Leeds T.M was an extension of 1B61 Penzance-Bristol Passenger/mails. 1E61 was a key train which seemed secure with TPO/Parcel/post traffic in addition to the 2 coach passenger accommodation. By May 82 the train ceased to exist for passengers, continuing as a mail/parcels only service a few more years. Nothing was secure on the 80’s railway it sadly seemed….

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