Lunchtime at Sharnbrook, Jan 1983

Lunchtime at Sharnbrook, Friday January 21st 1983

Photos from the late Tony Ewer, thanks to “TC” and “MIB” for the extra notes.

The shots north of Sharnbrook Junction are taken from the roadbridge linking Sharnbrook and Souldrop. The bridge is quite narrow and has traffic lights at both ends. This bridge has had a lot of recent rebuilding work for electrification. The bridge needed raising over the fast lines as there is not enough height to put the wires under the old bridge. Traffic lights still control the bridge and there is still a shot looking Northwards. The Southbound shot is no longer possible due to a forest of masts and wires and the slow lines have been singled.

25097/47142 down ECS at 1133 (1000 St Pancras – Wellinborough)

45128 at 1154 1C19 1019 Derby – St Pancras

31271/31303 down coke (possibly for Corby from London ports) at 1200

45064 on down ballast at 1205

25298 followed on another down ballast at 1246

45013 at 1249 on 3C01 1013 Nottingham – St Pancras Vans. The rear 5 coaches are off the 0427 St Pancras – Leicester which had a TSO for passenger accommodation

25266 at 1311 on 4F53 Forders – Garston “fletliner”. The “rat” is working hard, the train at 8 loaded “fletliners” probably the maximum for a single rat, 15 being the limit for a pair


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